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3 Free Dog Toys You Can Make At Home


Let’s face it, dog toys can be expensive! If your dog is always shredding his newest plushy to get to the squeaker and chewing through your money in the hope that the next toy lasts a little longer then it’s time you face the best free dog toys you at make at home, right now!

The Poor Dog’s Noise Maker

Dogs love toys that make noise – lots of noise! Most toys that make your dog’s ears prick up with delight are costly and are torn to bits pretty quickly. You can make your dog happy and keep your wallet safe with the Poor Dog’s Noise Maker. It’s just a water bottle. If you have a large breed dog you can use a 2 liter soda bottle once you have drank the liquid and rinsed it out well. Don’t forget to take away the tops and plastic rings to make it safe for your best friend!

The Poor Dog’s Rope Toy

Rope toys are cheap, that we know, but isn’t free even better? You can make a fun, strong tug toy for your dog without using rope at all! Grab an old shirt that you don’t want to keep. Make sure there are no loose threads hanging from it and twist it! Twist it up and tie both ends into knots. Voila! You just made a tug toy that may not be as pretty as a rope, but it will function just fine during a game of tug-o-war until it rips! You can even tie it into a circle to make a flying saucer toss toy!

Recycled Toss Stick

Recycled Toss Stick

While this free, homemade toy is not exactly a stick you can certainly play fetch with it! When you are finished with your daily newspaper, roll it up tightly and use ribbon or a strip of fabric to tie it. Make sure it is tied tightly! Once your toss stick is made, toss it and encourage your dog to get it. When you convince him to give it back to you, throw it again and enjoy your free game of fetch!

Creativity Never Ends – Make Up Your Own Dog Toys!

You do not have to settle for these 3 free toys alone. Look around your home and think of what else that is completely safe, currently useless and would be fun to play with for your dog. When you make up your own dog toys, don’t forget to share the idea with others!

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