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3 Free Activities You Can Do With Your Dog


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If you are all out of rainy day money to take your pup on vacation or want something that you can just get up and do right now with no special equipment, transportation or money then you will want to keep on reading! Many free activities exist that can occupy your dog’s time, mind and use up any excess energy he may have.

Take A Walk

The good, old fashion walk around the block can do so much for you and your dog. Just put his lead on and go! Walking does more than just give you two exercise, it also provides mental stimulation for your pet as he is able to sniff and interact with other things he normally wouldn’t, including other people, dogs or even simply sniffing the roses!

Play Fetch with Anything!

While typical dog toys, tennis balls or rope toys make up the majority of things dogs play fetch with, you can literally play with anything that is safe for your pet. Pick up an old shirt you no longer want and twist it tight. Tie knots at both ends and you just made a free toy to play fetch with! Other items are soda or water bottles without the plastic caps or rings, empty paper towel rolls and even sticks from your back yard. Just make sure it is completely safe before letting your best friend chew on it!

Follow the Leader

Playing this game will help to make your bond stronger, enrich your dog’s recall skills and is just plain fun! Get your dog interested in you by walking backwards while facing him and calling to him in a high pitched and playful manner. When he catches up to you, praise him and keep going! Move faster and make your way around furniture in your home or trees in your yard as obstacles. When you’re through, let him catch you and give him a cuddle!

Keep Playing, Stay Active

The free activities you can do with your dog are endless. Use your imagination to come up with new games that use items you already have at home and utilize the space you are given to keep your pup active, happy and healthy all year long

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