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1 Ingredient Dog Snack You Can Make At Home


The pressure on dog owners is getting heavy as more and more pet food manufacturers are getting into hot water over inferior ingredients and bacteria infested kibbles. How can you trust any dog treat to be safe and healthy for your favorite canine unless you watched them make it? You can’t! However, you can make your very own single ingredient dog snacks at home with an oven or dehydrator!

Beef Liver Jerky

Easy Homemade Beef Liver Dog Treats

Beef liver is a must for any raw fed dog and most certainly carries the majority nutrients every dog needs. Vitamins, minerals, oils and protein as packed into every single bite of pure beef liver. Making it even more beautiful is the dog’s craving for this super healthy superfood. You can make your very own beef liver jerky bites, snacks or strips at home and less than 5 bucks!

What do you need? Beef liver and either an oven or a dehydrator. While frozen, cut your liver into the size and shape you want. If using an oven, line a baking sheet with parchment paper and lay your beef liver on it. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees. Bake for 2 hours, then turn your sheet. Bake for another 2 hours then let cool for at least 10 minutes. Your dog will go nuts for it! If you want to get creative, you can use other organ meats such as tripe, kidney and heart!

Carrot Chips

Homemade Carrot Chips Dog TreatsPhoto by www.theproducemom.com

It’s not secret that dogs love carrots. While dogs do not regularly need produce to stay healthy, carrots hold no harmful nutrients and it will simply make your pooch happy to chomp on a crispy, flavorful carrot chip.

Make your dog his very own, home made carrot chips easily at home. Wash and peel your carrots. Then, slice into half inch or thinner pieces. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees while you place your carrot chips in a bowl. Toss them to coat them in either olive oil or melted coconut oil, both are healthy for your pup! Lay them out on a parchment paper cover baking sheet and let them back for 20 minutes or until dry and crispy! Feel free to share this delicious treat with your dog, as it is a human treat, too!

Mix It Up

You can mix and match meats and produce to find single ingredient, or two ingredient, treats for your best furry friend! You can make sweet potato jerky, salmon jerky, and really anything that you can find in a store! Dehydrate some blue berries and share them with your dog! Just remember to skip on salt, sugar or any other additives that are not canine-approved and you can keep your pet both happy and safe through home cooked goodies!

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