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How to Prevent a Mess: Dog Proof Trash Can and DIY Hacks

Dog sitting next to a trash can
How to Prevent a Mess: Dog-Proof Trash Can Hacks   Introduction Every pet parent knows that a dog-proof trash can is more than just a household accessory; it’s a necessity for maintaining cleanliness and ensuring the safety of your furry family member. Dogs are naturally curious creatures, and this curiosity often leads them towards the trash, where they can make a mess or worse, encounter serious health risks. A robust dog-proof trash can addresses these concerns effectively. Dogs rummaging through garbage can accidentally ingest harmful substances or choke on discarded items. These dangers underscore the importance of a secure container to keep waste out of paws’ reach. Why are dogs attracted to trash? Understanding canine behavior is key to recognizing why dogs are attracted to trash: Scent: Dogs have an acute sense of smell that makes leftover food scraps irresistible. Boredom: Trash offers a treasure trove of textures and smells...
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6 Essential Things to Be Prepared For as a Cat Mom

Being a cat parent is an incredible experience. Every journey begins with a single step, and as you prepare to delve headfirst into the world of cats, there are a few things you should be aware of. From ensuring your home is safe and secure for your furry friend to understanding basic feline behavior and communication nuances – being prepared is essential for creating a comfortable and nurturing home for your pet. This article will provide you with an understanding of the six fundamental things that you should be prepared for as a cat mom: Environment Cats are empathetic creatures who require a specific environment in which to feel safe and comfortable. To ensure your home is cat-friendly, start by providing them with plenty of places to hide – such as shelves or boxes they can climb into when feeling scared or overwhelmed. Consider providing them with a few scratching posts...
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Is a Labrador Right for Your Home?

Labrador Retriever
Labrador Love: Why Your Home Needs a Lab Welcome to the world of Labrador love! These furry friends are sure to bring joy and happiness to your home. Whether you're looking for a loyal companion or a playful buddy, a Labrador is the perfect addition to any household. Their friendly and cheerful nature is sure to brighten up even the dreariest of days. So why wait? Bring home a Labrador today and experience the love and joy that only these amazing dogs can bring!
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Do’s and Don’ts for Dog Owners: Lessons Learned the Hard Way

As a dog owner, I look back to my childhood in horror and cannot believe what awful dog owners my parents were.  I know that sounds harsh, but the level of pet-parenting dogs receive today is vastly different than it was 20 – 30 years ago.  Today I am what might be called an over-protective pet parent, but I am probably this way due to years of learning from my parents’ mistakes.  Here are my top do’s and don’ts for dog owners, gathered from my own experiences growing up. Don’t Assume All Dog Breeds are the Same Before I was born, my parents had only ever owned purebred cocker spaniels.  Until I had a spaniel of my own, I never understood why my parents thought dogs didn’t need training or exercise [note:  I do not recommend not training or not exercising a spaniel; rather, some dog breeds just happen to...
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6 Changes to Make with your Dog in 2020

A new year often spurs people to make significant changes in their own lives; but what about the lives of their pets?  Though 2020 is in full affect, consider the following in order to improve the life of your dog.  Sign Up for a Class Together Many pet owners wish they spent more quality time with pets while also wishing for better behavior and more socialization.  You can check all of these boxes by enrolling your dog in a training class.  Even if your dog has already mastered basic obedience, there are plenty of opportunities for teaching your pup new tricks.  For instance, introduction to Agility, Rally-O, or Canine Good Citizen training may all be appropriate for your dog. Learn to Make DIY Dog Treats More than half of household pets in the United States are obese, which leads to expensive health problems, decreased quality of life, and a shortened...
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Why Puppy Mills Are So Bad

Are you interested in buying a puppy? Then you should avoid getting it from a puppy mill. What’s a puppy mill and why is it so bad? In the following lines, you will find out more about puppy mills and why they are not recommended at all. They are bad for the dogs and future dog owners alike. You have very good reasons to avoid puppy mills and opt for responsible breeders instead. Puppy mills don’t care about the well-being of the dogs One of the reasons puppy mills are so bad is the fact that the dogs’ health and well-being are utterly disregarded. In this kind of facilities, dogs are kept only for breeding purposes. The owners or managers of puppy mills are simply looking for a profit and care less about the dogs that produce the puppies. They often use a female dog until the verge of exhaustion...
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How to Euthanize Your Dog at Home

No dog lover likes to think about saying goodbye the family’s beloved companion. Most don’t even give it thought until the time comes. But, death is a part of life’s cycles, whether we like it or not. Since dogs live much shorter lives than humans, it is something we need to consider when you look to welcoming a dog into your life. When your dog’s health starts to turn, all we can do is to cherish the moments we have spent together and make the dog’s last days on earth as comfortable and easy as possible. Euthanasia is something you need to consider when you have an ill dog that suffers a lot due to its condition. In spite of the treatment it receives, there can be cases when medication won’t help any longer. When the dog is old, weak, can barely eat, and is in pain, you need to...
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Should You Hire a Dog Walker?

All dogs require exercise, with certain breeds requiring a larger time commitment than others.  However, not all dog owners are able to commit to giving their dogs two 15 – 30+ minute walks per day.  Lack of adequate exercise results in boredom, anxiety, and bad behavior.  Obesity and related diseases can also occur when a dog is improperly exercised.  For these reasons, many dog owners hire dog walkers.  Is a dog walker right for you?  Here, the pros and cons of hiring a dog walker will be discussed.  Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walker Saves Time Ultimately, hiring a dog walker saves time for pet owners.  Most dog walkers commit to exercising their canine clients for 30 – 60 minutes per day.  In addition, they typically provide extra services at no charge, such as refilling food and water bowls, bringing in mail, and giving treats.   Fewer Accidents Even adult...
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8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool this Summer

Although winter seems to have only ended a few short weeks ago, the dog-days of summer are already here.  As the weather warms up, it is imperative to keep your dog’s core body temperature cool.  Every year, thousands of dogs are hospitalized due to complications from heat stroke, which occurs at alarming rates in canines due to their inability to cool themselves.  Listed here are ways to keep your dog cool this summer. Kiddie/Dog Pool One of the cheapest and easiest ways to keep your dog cool in the summer is to invest in an inexpensive kiddie or dog pool to keep in your backyard.  By filling the kiddie pool with cool water and placing it in the shade, your dog will always have a cool spot to retreat if overheating.  While it is never recommended to leave your dog in your yard unattended, this method is especially useful for...
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