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Why Puppy Mills Are So Bad


Are you interested in buying a puppy? Then you should avoid getting it from a puppy mill. What’s a puppy mill and why is it so bad? In the following lines, you will find out more about puppy mills and why they are not recommended at all. They are bad for the dogs and future dog owners alike. You have very good reasons to avoid puppy mills and opt for responsible breeders instead.

Puppy mills don’t care about the well-being of the dogs

One of the reasons puppy mills are so bad is the fact that the dogs’ health and well-being are utterly disregarded. In this kind of facilities, dogs are kept only for breeding purposes. The owners or managers of puppy mills are simply looking for a profit and care less about the dogs that produce the puppies. They often use a female dog until the verge of exhaustion and even with the risk for the dog to lose its life.

In the eyes of these people, the dogs are just the producers of puppies that can be sold for money. Thus, there’s little respect or humanity shown for the dogs used for breeding. In the case of a responsible breeder, such a thing will never happen, as he will breed his dogs only as recommended by the veterinarian. At the same time, a responsible breeder will allow the dog to recover completely before trying obtaining another litter of puppies.

 They are unsanitary and the risk of diseases is very high

 If you will ever have the chance to visit a puppy mill, you will see that the conditions in which the dogs are kept are outrageous. Usually, the owners of puppy mills won’t let you see the dogs before purchase because they know that you may change your mind. If a dog breeder refuses to show you where the dogs are kept and the parents of your future puppies, then you should think twice before purchasing from that person. There are high chances that you’re dealing with a puppy mill.

In puppy mills, the dogs are kept in crowded cages where there are dirt and feces all over. They don’t have sufficient space to move and can even face cold temperatures in the lack of proper shelter. The dogs are also malnourished in most cases, as they don’t receive good quality food or insufficient food. As you can tell, no veterinarian sees the dogs either, so they receive little to no medical attention.

Quantity is preferred instead of quality

The main purpose of puppy mills is to produce as many puppies as possible, in the shortest period, so that the owners can enjoy a profit. A puppy mill is like a puppy factory. Dogs are bred in order to produce puppies that will be sold to dog enthusiasts. Unfortunately, considering that the demand for puppies is quite large, there are numerous puppy mills functioning these days. They take advantage of the fact that people are looking for loyal companions for their families.

But, the bad part is that most puppies coming from such places are usually sick. Many people end up having to deal with a puppy with a poor state of health. So, besides the expenses they will have to withstand, for medical services, they also have to see a small puppy suffering. Not to mention that most of these puppies are, in most cases, too small to resist any illness.

These are unregulated businesses

When getting a puppy from puppy mills, there’s no quality guarantee. No one will assure you that the puppy is healthy and won’t provide any kind of documents in this direction. Puppy mills function away from the eyes of the authorities and don’t deposit any efforts to respect any kind of regulation. This is why the owner of a puppy mill will refuse or postpone the moment of showing you any papers.

When looking for a dog breeder, make sure to ask about papers. There are several types of papers that breeders should have in order to gain their reputation. If the breeder refuses to show you any papers, think twice before getting a puppy from that person.

Many pet stores sell dogs coming from puppy mills

If you think that pet stores are better, it is worth knowing that many of them sell puppies coming from puppy mills. This is due to the fact that these puppies are cheaper than those bought from reliable dog sellers. Thus, the store can add a good profit margin to these puppies. They act as an intermediary and, unfortunately, don’t care much about the health of the dogs either.

Always look for a responsible dog breeder

There’s nothing more disappointing and sad than to realize that you just bought a sick puppy. In many cases, in spite of all the efforts you deposit, the puppy loses the battle with the illness, due to its fragile body. This is because puppy mills keep young puppies in precarious conditions, where viruses and bacteria thrive. If you want to really enjoy a happy and healthy companion, take the time to find a reliable dog breeder always.

It is not an easy task to come across a responsible dog breeder, as you will need to do proper research. Also, once you find a reliable breeder, you may have to wait for your puppy. A good breeder will not use his dogs for profit, which means that puppies are not available throughout the year. Premier Pups is the online platform that connects dog enthusiasts with reliable dog breeders. Every puppy comes with a quality certificate and the breeders are hand-picked so you can enjoy quality and reliability. If you don’t know where to look for a puppy and reliable breeder, Premier Pups is the best place to start.


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