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Share You Story

Do you have a story that you would like to share with the world? Everyone has a story about their dog and we want to hear them! NewDogOwners.com is accepting guest posts and would love to share your story.

Want to Share Your Story?

┬áBut I’m not a writer

That’s okay! Don’t let that stop you, we don’t expect you to be. Our writers are happy to work with you and give you some tips if needed. That is what makes these type of stories so interesting. They come from you, in your style with your pup’s unique story. We will then work with your story to make it look great for the world!

What type of articles do we accept?

This is a good question. Here are some examples below. If you have any questions on what to write, just shoot us an email. You can also read Rosco’s story as an example.

  • Your adoption story
  • Pre-adoption life of your pup
  • A day in the life of your dog
  • Homemade treat/toy instructions

People love all the above and any of those topics would be good. We do ask that you send a photo of your dog and/or photos if you are sharing how to make something.

What type of photo do I need to submit?

We are pretty good working with photos, so any clear picture of your dog (and you if you like) is fine. If you are submitting a homemade treat recipe or homemade toy, we just ask for a few clear shots of the process (or at least the finished treat). These can be any image format from your phone, jpeg, png, etc.

I don’t want people to know who I am

We can understand internet privacy is something to take serious. We will use your name as you like. It could be your first name only or first name and last initial. We will leave that up to you. We will not post any personal information or contact information unless you would like to share your Facebook or Twitter page.

I’m a marketer looking to guest post to get a backlink

We do not accept any guest posts just looking for a backlink. Chances are if you submit a link other than a personal Facebook or Twitter account, your article will be declined. We take who we link to very seriously and do not link to anyone that we feel doesn’t give high value to our readers. You are more than welcome to reach out to use for advertising fees. We only accept real stories from readers whom want to share their story or share how to make something.

Who owns the article

We have to put this section here for legal reasons, so sorry about that! Once an article is submitted and posted, NewDogOwners.com owns full rights to article and rights to use your submitted photos. We may edit the article. We do however give writing credit to whom submits the story by name (if they want it).

How to Submit Your Dog’s Story

Still with us? Good! If you would like to submit your dog’s story, you can email me.

Don’t forget to attach your photo!