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8 Tips To Help With Dog Shedding

Unwanted hair at homes is one of the biggest challenges that pet owners do face. It does not matter the breed or age, nearly every dog sheds. Virtually all dogs will shed hair, but of course, there are breeds that definitely have more hair and undercoat, and this will make them shed in larger quantities. It’s quite impossible to stop a dog from shedding hair in totality, but we can still help in reducing the quantity of hair loss, and also aid the effective removal of the hair so that it wouldn’t keep serving as a source of problem in our homes. Basically, animals shed in order to get rid of extra, damaged or old hair. In the winter, animals grow a thick coat which serve as a means of insulation for them, and then, shed the extra hair in the summer. Broken and damaged hair are also shed by...
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Brushing Your Dog – More Complicated Than You Thought!

Brushing out the loose, dead and unwanted fur from your dog’s coat is a must to keep him comfortable, healthy and free from matting. Running a brush or comb through his fur, though may be more complicated than you first thought! Various techniques are used on dogs to really brush them out and give them that fancy show look all dog owners love. Line Brushing This type of grooming helps to eliminate debris, mats, stuck hairs and makes your dog’s coat look full. It will also be soft and silky when you’re through! Start with your dog lying down on one side. Make sure he is relaxed and comfortable before you begin. Using a pin brush start at his shoulder and brush the entire body going in the direction of the fur growth. Next, use a comb to literally create a line between the fur above the shoulder and the...
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Choosing The Right Shampoo For Your Dog

can you use human shampoo on dogs
Bathing your dog is already a stressful event, but it can be made worse by using the wrong kind of shampoo or wash to clean his coat and skin. Some shampoos are medicated, others have pesticides to kill fleas or ticks that can be dangerous for some pets. Others, meanwhile, are meant to hydrate skin or make white coats whiter. If all you want is a clean pet, why do these different shampoos matter? You’re about to find out! Dry Skin Dry skin is uncomfortable for humans, but it can become downright painful for pets. Dogs are meant to have a natural oil covering their skin and coat. This oil is what makes their coats glisten and their skin soft. Drying them out with the wrong shampoo can make an itchy pet bite into his skin causing infections or even hot spots. Hot spots are sore, irritated patches of skin...
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Review of The Top Dog Grooming Tables

Dog grooming experts know that if you are going to be working with dogs all day you are going to need dog grooming tables. Without a dog grooming table it becomes difficult to control the dogs and makes work more tiring than it should be meaning you can work less. By investing in a dog grooming table you are investing in your future and the future of your business. Because there are so many different dog grooming tables let’s take a look at some of the most popular. GO PET CLUB PET DOG GROOMING TABLE WITH ARM, 36-INCH Gets 4.5 Stars, see more reviews here This pet grooming table is one of the more popular ones on Amazon. It is ranked as number 7,305 in Pet Supplies. It features a fold up table and a detachable arm that features a built-in removable leash system. One of the best uses for...
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