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Brushing Your Dog – More Complicated Than You Thought!


Brushing out the loose, dead and unwanted fur from your dog’s coat is a must to keep him comfortable, healthy and free from matting. Running a brush or comb through his fur, though may be more complicated than you first thought! Various techniques are used on dogs to really brush them out and give them that fancy show look all dog owners love.

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Line Brushing

This type of grooming helps to eliminate debris, mats, stuck hairs and makes your dog’s coat look full. It will also be soft and silky when you’re through! Start with your dog lying down on one side. Make sure he is relaxed and comfortable before you begin. Using a pin brush start at his shoulder and brush the entire body going in the direction of the fur growth. Next, use a comb to literally create a line between the fur above the shoulder and the fur below. Brush against the fur growth using the pin brush. If you have a large breed you may find it easier to make the line in sections and work your dog’s body separately. Brush again with the growth of hair for an extra fluffy and soft pooch!


Poodles and Shihtzus are not the only dogs that get mats in their hair. Siberian Huskies, Golden Retrievers, and really any dog with a double coat can get them, too! While regular brushing helps to eliminate the possibilities of a mat, sometimes they happen in places you may miss. Behind the ears of long haired breeds is one often missed place by new dog owners. De-matting is a complicated procedure that ideally should be left to a professional groomer to handle, but that does not mean that you can’t do it on your own! Use a de-matting tool and spray. Do not bathe your dog before you being as water can make the mat harder to get out. Brush the mat in all directions, do not focus on just one! Mats are caused by dirt, loose hair and moisture causing a difficult and painful tangle in your dog’s fur. Check your pooch often for mats! If you don’t get them out soon enough they can cause your dog’s skin to tear and lead to infections!

Know Your Dog’s Grooming Needs

While many owners decide to send their dog to a professional groomer on a monthly basis to care for his skin and coat, you should also take care of his needs in between groomer visits. Knowing the type of grooming your specific dog’s skin and coat requires could mean a big difference to his health! Dogs with short, coarse hair may only need occasional brushing while a long hair breed may need daily or weekly grooming. When in doubt, ask your professional groomer for advice!

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Image Source: Kazoo Humane Blog

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