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Does My Dog Need A Doggy Friend?


Dogs are incredibly social, highly intelligent creatures with a gift that allows them to love humans unlike any other animal on the planet. Unfortunately for the dog, however, humans must lead lives within the human society that includes being away for 8 or more hours a day, vacations, and a social life with other human beings. Your dog is lonely. Does he really need another dog friend?

Ask Yourself…

Can I handle two dogs? Think about double the training, vet care and grooming requirements. The dog you pick to be your current dog’s companion may not be the same breed and need different grooming tools and techniques than what you are used to already. For example, if you have an American Pit Bull Terrier and wish to adopt a Shihtzu to be his companion, you will have to learn all about your new chosen breed’s health and grooming needs. While training two dogs can be a blast, you must first train them separately. Your new dog needs to develop a bond with both you and your new dog, meaning a lot of one on one time with your newest bundle of joy as well as being with both together.

Can I afford two dogs? Even if you chosen second dog is smaller, that does not always mean they will be cheaper. He may have food allergies that require a special diet or regular visits to the groomer. If you are not a seasoned trainer you may need to hire a professional private trainer to come to your home and help out with behavioral needs including potty training and even helping your two pups get acquainted.

Is my current dog friendly with other dogs? If your current dog is well socialized and loves other dogs, then he may absolutely love a new canine companion to be with all the time. Dogs can communicate and play together in ways dogs cannot with humans, and he will love that. If you are unsure about your dog’s emotions towards other canines, then you should proceed with caution. Attempt to take him to a local pet store where other strange dogs will be around but leashed and under their owner’s control. Never let your dog off leash with other strange dogs when you have no idea how he will react! If you adopt a second dog from a shelter or rescue, you may be required to bring your current pooch in to meet your possible new canine to make sure it is a good match.

Is It Worth It?

Those with multi-dog households will tell you that living with more than one pooch can be demanding and chaotic but they would not change it for the world! Dogs that get along well have more exercise time, are generally less likely to develop behavioral problems due to boredom and can be more relaxed when their canine pal is around. Whether or not it is worth it is totally up to you to decide!

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