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Preparing for Flea and Tick Season

The change in seasons brings sunnier days, baseball games, and spring showers – all of which are welcome after a long, cold winter.  However, a downside to spring is that parasites, such as fleas and ticks, also reappear.  Protecting your dog from preventable disease is an important step in being a responsible dog owner.  Here, preparing for flea and tick season will be discussed. Flea and Tick Life Cycles Before we discuss how to prevent and treat flea and tick infestations, it is important to understand the individual life cycles of both these insects. Flea Life Cycle Fleas have four life stages during their life cycle, which is important because all four stages must be exterminated to rid an animal or home of an infestation.  The cycle begins with flea eggs, which are approximately 0.5 mm long and resemble a grain of white rice.  Fleas lay their eggs in the...
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How to Read Dog Food Labels: Is Your Dog’s Food Healthy?

  One of the easiest ways to ensure your dog lives a long and healthy life is to make sure you are feeding a high-quality dog food.  But, with all the available options, where do you start?  Reading the dog food label is the first step when ensuring your dog’s food is healthy.  Listed here is everything a dog owner should know when reading the label on a bag (or can) of dog food. Which Nutrients do Dogs Need? Before you learn how to read a dog food label, it is important to know the types of nutrients that dogs require.  While dogs have similar basic needs as humans, the macronutrient ratios required for a dog to thrive varies. Protein The most important nutrient in a dog’s diet is protein.  Unlike humans, most of a dog’s energy is converted from protein.  In addition, protein is also necessary for supporting a...
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My Experiences as a Senior Hospice Foster Provider

A large part of my life revolves around rescue work and caring for my ever-rotating menagerie of dogs.  I have become accustomed to the many questions people have when they find out that I not only foster dogs, but I purposely choose to “foster” dogs that are nearing the end of their lives.  I put foster in quotes, because for many of the dogs that we take in, we know that they will not find another home. The number one question I am asked is, “How can you take in a dog that you know is going to die?”  The answer to this question is simple:  If I don’t take in this dog, chances are very good that no one else will and the dog will die prematurely, perhaps never having known love or proper care. Today I will share my story of how my husband and I became involved...
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Dog Proof Trash Can That Actually Work – Plus How to DIY

dog gets intot he trash
My large dog like most others loves garbage and it drives me crazy to have trash all over the kitchen every time I walked in the door. It seemed like he hits the garbage every time I would turn my back. We ended up putting our trash can in the garage for almost a year before I broke down and figured there had to be a better solution. I was amazed when doing research looking for a dog proof trash can, that there were not as many options as I thought there would be. So to save you time, I wanted to list the dog proof trash can that we selected and a list of the other options out there. But, before we get to that, I want to cover a couple things that may help you solve the underlying issues. If you are in a hurry, I have put...
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Dog Proof Fences: Is an Underground Invisible Fence Right for You?

One of the most important aspects of dog ownership is keeping your pet safely contained in your yard.  Many breeds are known escape artists, capable of digging under, climbing over, of wriggling through fences.  Whether your dog is large or small, you may be struggling with keeping your dog confined on your property.  Here, the dog proof underground invisible fence will be discussed, as well as the considerations that pet owners should make before installing an underground invisible fence. If your in a hurry and your just looking for a good underground dog fence, here is the best 3 Invisible Fences in our opinion: eXtreme Dog Fence SportDOG PetSafe Stubborn Dog (cheapest but last of our top 3) What is an Underground Invisible Fence? An underground invisible fence overcomes the many problems of traditional fencing while still enabling dog owners to contain their pets.  Invisible fences consist of a wire that...
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Knowing When to Say Goodbye

knowing when to put your dog to sleep
One of the hardest parts of dog ownership is knowing when the time is right to say goodbye.  Whether a sudden illness or old age brings about the inevitable, there is no easy way to ensure you are ready to help your pet cross the rainbow bridge.  Unfortunately, one of the biggest regrets that many pet owners have is that they waited too long to euthanize (put to sleep) a sick or suffering animal.  Listed below are seven signs you should consider when making the difficult decision. Signs To Look For Here are some common signs to look for when it may be time to start the talking with your vet about end of life care. Refusing Food When animals lose interest in food, it is often their way of indicating their time on Earth is ending.  Lack of appetite for food or water is one of the first signs...
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Brilliant Dog Hacks for Every Owner

Dog Hacks Logo
If you have ever wished for a way to make dog ownership easier, you are not alone.  Here, we have compiled the best dog hacks and tips for owners available on the internet and social media. Baking Soda Dog Hacks Baking soda has many uses around the house, especially when it comes to removing odors.  Listed here are only some of the things you can do with baking soda! Cleaning Dog Bowls Food and water bowls develop a slimy buildup that can be harmful to pets when ingested.  However, if you do not own a dishwasher it might not always be feasible to wash bowls as often as is necessary.  To easily remove built-up gunk, soak the bowl in a mixture that contains 50% water and 50% vinegar, with a tablespoon of baking soda added.  Be careful not to overfill the bowl, as the baking soda can cause the solution...
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Top 5 Value Dog Food Brands That Are The Healthiest For Your Dog

Choosing the best dog food for your pet is an important decision.  After all, the food your dog eats directly affects the length and quality of his or her life.  However, dog foods with the healthiest ingredients often fetch a higher price than foods made from lower grade products.  Additionally, just because a dog food brand claims to be healthy doesn’t always mean that it is best for your pet.  Listed here are 5 dog foods that are healthy for both your dog and your budget! Brand:  Diamond Naturals Diamond Naturals is a brand that is both budget friendly and healthy for your dog.  Available both online and at most retailer’s, Diamond Naturals is convenient as well. Check Current Prices Diamond Naturals Varieties Diamond Naturals has 12 varieties of dog food, including: Diamond Naturals All Life Stages Chicken and Rice Diamond Naturals Large Breed Adult Chicken Diamond Naturals Small Breed...
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My Dog Won’t Eat – Is It The Food?

My dog won’t eat his dog food There are many reasons dogs may not be eating. Some can be from sickness within your pup or it can be they just don’t like the dog food you are feeding them. In todays post we are going to look at how you can help if your dog not eating due to stubbornness of not liking their food. However, if you believe there might be something else going on, a vet should examine your dog for medical issues. Some dogs are picky eaters, especially ones that get’s scraps from the kitchen table or by getting into the trash. Once they get the good stuff, it is hard to talk them into eating plain old dog food. I personally go through this with our dog Rosco. If you think about it, it’s like us humans going from fast food to vegetarian meals (nothing against...
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How To Go Camping With Your Dog

Camping with a pet is a favorite pastime for many people.  However, there is more to camping with your dog than simply showing up to a campground, dog in tow.  Here, everything you need to know about camping with your dog will be discussed.   Choosing a Campground The first step is to choose a campground.  Even though it seems obvious that dogs would be allowed at every camp site, you should always double check to ensure that rules have not changed.  Many state parks, for instance, do not allow four-legged friends.   After you have double checked that dogs are, in fact, allowed on-site, know the rules and regulations.  If you plan to allow your dog to join you for off-leash hikes, make sure dogs are allowed off-leash in that area.  No matter how well-behaved your dog, it is imperative that you follow the posted ordinances.   Finally, consider...
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