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Hot Paws Review: A Memory That Will Last Forever


My wife was searching around for some craft ideas a few weeks ago and ran across a unique idea she wanted to try. It is called Hot Paws, and today we are going to review it.

What is Hot Paws

Hot Paws is product from Hot Sand Glass Studio located in New Jersey. Paul Elyseev and Thomas Stevens started Hot Sand at home as a hobby making art. They went on to open a business allowing the public to come in and learn glass blowing. I’m not sure when, but they created Hot Paws as a mail in service to allow pet owners cast their pet’s paw. Once sent back, the company will freeze that print in glass giving an everlasting keepsake.

This is what got me interested in Hot Paws. Dog’s are not around forever and I wish we would have done something like this when our sweet sweet Sadie was around. We decided not to let that happen again and will be catching Rosco’s print forever.

Our Review of Hot Paws

Order and Delivery

We picked up Hot Paws through the Hot Sand Website. The order process is what you would expect from buying online. It shipped quickly and was delivered in less than a week.

The Hot Paws kit came packed well in a small box. Below are some photos of the unpacking.

Setting up and getting the print

The instructions that came with the Hot Paws give you step by step instructions on how to mix the cast, and getting a quality print.

Below are the instructions that came with the Hot Paws kit. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Step 1 tips

We mixed the clay up quite a bit, mixing it together. After rolling in your hand, I had to roll is on the glass stove to get a nice round ball. I tend to go overboard and the ball probably doesn’t need to be perfect.

Step 2 and 3 tip

The instructions say to flatten the clay on the base of the can keeping it inside of the ring. This is important because once your done, you will be packing it back in the can to send back.

Step 4 tip (the hardest part)

Okay, so getting a good print will be the hardest part of this process. Rosco is a big baby! He didn’t know what to think and actually started crying when we were getting his print. He was not in pain, he cries anytime he doesn’t know whats going on lol. I really wish I would have videoed this process. It is recommended to have your dog laying down which would make this process much easier. Rosco was not having anything to do with that so we had to do it with him sitting.

The mail in process

So, I said that getting the print you like is most important. The mail back process is the next most important. On the last page of the instructions, you will find that page is removable. You will want to make sure to include that page in the envelope  with your cast.

Once you let the cast dry, you put it back in to can (carefully). Then put it in the supplied envelope along with the above page from the instructions. Once ready to go, drop it off at the postal service and your all set.

The fished product

So we sent it out and have already received the finished product. So, let’s take a look and see how it turned out!

Delivery of the finished product

It took a few weeks after sending the print back into Hot Sand. It was packed with plenty of packing paper. As you can see in the above photo, they sent the print we made back with the glass Hot Paws. Pretty cool for one main reason. It can be used for a Christmas ornament! We will talk about it a little more below.

Above photos show that the Hot Paws was sent back in the container with a tamper proof type seal. I have not figured out why it needs a tamer proof seal but possibly in case it is broke during delivery.

Size of Hot Paws

Rosco is always curious lol

The finished size of the Hot Paws is bigger than I thought it would be. It is also pretty heavy which is a good thing. As you can see in the above photo, Rosco has some big ‘ole paws!

What to do with it?

Okay, so now that we have the Hot Paws, we never really thought about what we would do with it. My wife was thinking about making a Christmas ornament out with it, but it weighs too much for that. We have decided to pick up a small display holder (small plate type holder) and place it on our mantle next to our dear dear Sadie (black pug) that passed away a few years ago. Photo shows where it will go but without the holder.

Bonus: I mentioned above that they sent the print we made back with the glass paw print. We will be keeping it and making it into a Christmas ornament. Using a small drill bit, I will place a hole in the top and use fishing string to hang it on our tree. So, if someone from Hot Sand reads this, THANK YOU for sending it back.

What we think

Overall, doing the Hot Paws was fun to do and makes for a nice keepsake. The bonus of getting the lighter paw print back is a plus. The only thing I would suggest from the company would to include a small holder to give buyers a way to show it off on the mantle without needing to go out and find something. Not a huge deal as those displays are cheap.

Do you have a Hot Paws? If so, please share it with us on our Facebook page!

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  1. Bob K says:

    That’s cool Vince. Nice review

  2. Shllybear says:

    Seems kind of expensive but beautiful!

    • Vince says:

      Hey shllybear, thanks for the comment. It is a premium product but worth it for us. We never did anything like this for our baby Sadie and really wish we did. She is sitting up next to this though so she’s always with us.

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