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Hot Paws Review: A Memory That Will Last Forever

My wife was searching around for some craft ideas a few weeks ago and ran across a unique idea she wanted to try. It is called Hot Paws, and today we are going to review it. What is Hot Paws Hot Paws is product from Hot Sand Glass Studio located in New Jersey.┬áPaul Elyseev and Thomas Stevens started Hot Sand at home as a hobby making art. They went on to open a business allowing the public to come in and learn glass blowing. I’m not sure when, but they created Hot Paws as a mail in service to allow pet owners cast their pet’s paw. Once sent back, the company will freeze that print in glass giving an everlasting keepsake. This is what got me interested in Hot Paws. Dog’s are not around forever and I wish we would have done something like this when our sweet sweet Sadie...
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