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8 Dog Toy Box Ideas That You Will Love


With all the toys around the house, we all know that dogs can be just as messy as a young child. Kids have them so why shouldn’t you have a dog toy box in the house as well? It makes sense, your puppy has those chew toys laying all over. There is nothing worse than stepping on a Kong or plastic bone in the middle of the night!

If you would just like to get the ideas, feel free to us the table of contents below to go where you would like to go.

Dog Toy Box Ideas

The Wire Bone Storage

hanging dog toy box
The first option is not technically a dog toy box but it serves the same purpose, plus doing a little more. Besides holding toys, it also offers three hooks for things like your dogs leash. It’s not going to hold a lot of dog toys, but what a cool idea to maybe keep your dogs outdoor toys in. The Wire Bone Storage can be found at your local Pottery Barn. Best used for small dogs (small toys) or outdoor toys like Frisbees, balls, etc.

OurPets Big Bone Pet Toy Storage Bin

dog toy box
The next dog toy box is more of what you would expect and can be found here on Amazon. A classic dog shape with plenty of room for all your dog’s toys. This toy box has received 4.5/5 stars from over 190 customers. This would be a great addition if you have the space in the living room or wherever you place it. The pros and cons depend on how you look at it. It has a lid so you can control what toys are out and don’t clutter the house up. Your dog will not be able to get into it unless you leave the lid off.

Custom Made Wood Dog Toy Bin With Access

I like this style myself for a couple of reasons. First it allows your dog to get toys out when they want. Not only that, it makes your pup work for it. This way they are not toy after toy out all over your home. Next, this custom made wood dog toy box is created where your dog will have a “fresh toy” every time they go to play. This will insure they are never bored with the same old toys. Lastly, I like it because it has an easy open lid. When your dog is done playing with a toy, you can open the lid and throw it on top back in the box. Since it will be on top, your dog will not get it again until they cycle through the rest of the toys. Your puppy will have new toys every time they go to play. This custom pet toy bin can be purchased from Etsy here.

Personalized Dog Toy Boxes

There are so many personalized dog toy box options available, you really have your choice on type. If fact, you will find a larger selection and better quality than box store brands. The best place to find these is places like Etsy. Below we are going to show you some that caught our eye but there are a ton to choose from!

Personalized Dog Toy Box by Glen Burnie

With your Dog’s name on top, this handmade toy box is perfect for small to medium sized dogs. This personalized dog toy box is furniture quality. The concept is the same as the one above, when you pick up your dogs toys, they go on top giving them new toys on the bottom. This way they never get the same toy twice in a row. This makes sure your dog doesn’t get bored easily. Glen’s custom made dog toy bin can be picked up here.

Wood Dog Toy Storage Basket by DoggyCrates

Have a smaller dog? We found this wood dog storage basket by user DoggieCrates that can be found at Etsy here. It is made solid and has all great reviews. It also comes in many different colors to choose from. Unlike the one above, this dog toy basket allows your dog to rummage through and find the toy they want.

Dog Toy Box DIY

Amanda over at dogmomdays.com has some really good step by step instructions on how to make a simple but good looking dog toy box for the DIY crowd. You can find her DYI instructions here.

dog toy box diy

Rust-Oleum has came up with a great idea. Check out the instruction for the above dog toy box DIY idea.

dog toy box wood pallet

Have access to wood pallets? You can make many things out of wood pallets, why not a toy box! Okay, there are many instructions out there on how to make a dog toy box with wood pallets, this is our favorite. HomeTalk.com has posted some in-depth instructions on how to do it. Check them out on their site!

How Do Dog Toy Boxes Come In Handy

If you are a dog owner, you have toys around the house. I mean a lot of toys! Kids have a place to put everything, why shouldn’t dogs? Dog toy boxes help keep the house clean. They also don’t need to look out of place. They make very sturdy dog toy boxes that are furniture quality.

Some live in a small home or apartment, what better way to keep things clutter free? The wire bone storage (first one on the list) is perfect for apartments. You have a place to hang items like his leash and a place to store your dogs outdoor toys.

Do you have a dog toys box? If so, please feel free to review it or share your instructions down in the comments!

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  1. Don B. says:

    Thanks for this article. I was just complaining about all the dog toys laying around the house (always fun finding one in the middle of the night). Toy boxes for dogs never even crossed my mind until now. Might make a good project this spring!

    • Vince says:

      Hi Don, who doesn’t like stepping on a nice hard toy in the. Idle if the night lol

      There some great DIY dog toy box instructions above. Make sure to come back and share some photos. We would even be happy to post your How To if you would like to share yours when done.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Angie says:

    I like the second dog toy box DIY. Going to put my hubby to work this spring 😉

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