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Best Cyber Monday Deals for Dogs



Cyber Monday is upon us, which makes today one of the least productive work days of the year.  Why not join your coworkers in checking out the hottest deals?  Listed here are some of the best sales in dog food, treats, toys, and beds around the internet today.

The online retailer is unveiling limited opportunity discounts today on items that rarely go on sale.  Look for products today that have been on your wish list.

Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed, $63.41
This large bed is $40 off today, and is perfect for your aging pup that requires a softer surface at night.  If you are trying to break your dog’s bad habit of jumping on the furniture, this extra-comfy bed is also worthwhile.  Total savings:  40%

Nail Grinder, $12.99
Many pet owners are uncomfortable clipping their dog’s nails.  With this grinder, you can rest assured you will avoid the trauma of accidentally clipping the quick.  Regularly priced at $28.55, if you purchase today you will receive a savings of 57%.

Urine Stain Detector, $6.45
If you are looking for an add-on item to achieve free shipping, this is it.  Like many other pet owners, you have likely driven yourself crazy trying to find the source of a urine odor.  This UV urine stain detector will take the guess work out of the task.  Total savings:  68%.

Dentastix, $11.97
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the perfect times to stock up on items your dog requires on a regular basis.  Take advantage of the sale today, which lists Dentastix at 25% off the regular price!

A discount retailer known for low prices on dog food and treats, Chewy does not disappoint on Cyber Monday.

Blue Buffalo, 50% off
Blue Buffalo is a traditionally expensive dog food brand, with 30 lb bags typically costing $70+.  Today, that same bag of dog food is on sale for as little as $36.79!

Natural Balance, 40% off
If your dog is on a limited ingredient diet, you know that meal time can be expensive.  Today, Chewy is offering 40%+ off of all Natural Balance products, meaning a 26 lb of dog food that retails for $80.99 is only $45.49!

Purina Pro Plan, 40% off
Dog food rarely goes on sale, so when it does it is a good idea to stock up.  Purina Pro Plan, a brand commonly fed to working dogs, is 40% off today on Chewy.  A 37.5 lb bag that typically retails for $55.99 is now only $33.58.

Greenies, $21.93
This ever popular (and ever expensive) dental treat seldom goes on sale.  Act fast to purchase treats at this incredibly low price, which is a 40% savings.


BOGO 50% Off Dog Toys
This deal is especially great for a multi-dog household.  For each toy you purchase, get a second toy of the same brand 50% off!

Dog Crates, up to 70% off
If you have a new puppy or are planning to bring one home in the future, now is the perfect time to make a crate purchase.  Dog crates, one of the more expensive canine essentials, are up to 70% today.  For some models and sizes this equates to a savings of over $100!

Bonus:  4% Cashback with Ebates
If you are not a member of Ebates (an online rebate website), consider signing up.  Every Petco purchase today qualifies for 4% cashback.  New members will receive a $10 bonus, plus a $10 gift card to retailer of choice.


Snoozer Dog Bed, 60% off
If your dog is a burrower, meet the bed of your dog’s dreams.  The Snoozer creates a cave-like atmosphere for your dog.  For non-burrowers, a plush overstuffed bed is also available.  These models typically retail for $100 – $175, but today are on sale for $45 – $115.

Royal Canin, 30% off
Another brand that rarely goes on sale, Royal Canin is 30% off today with free shipping at PetSmart.  For instance, a 30 lb bag of Bulldog Adult Dog Food typically retails for $54.39, but is on sale for $40.79 today.

Bonus:  8% cash back at Ebates
Sign up for Ebates to receive additional 8% cash back on all PetSmart purchases!


10% off with code TOPTEN
Receive your dog’s flea/tick, heartworm, and pain meds (among others) through 1-800-Pet-Meds for an extra 10% off today.  Simply use coupon code TOPTEN.

Like Chewy, Pet360 offers staple pet items at a discount.  In addition to Cyber Monday deals, receive 20% off of non-sale items with code CYBER20.

$30 off Big Bags of Food
Winter is the perfect time to stock up on dog food and store the excess.  All brands of dog food are up to $30 off of large-sized bags.  For instance, a 30 lb bag of Hill’s Science Diet Adult Large Breed is only $42.74 today.

Seresto Flea Collars, $47.50
Keep your pet protected from fleas and ticks with one collar that lasts for 8 months.  Today only, these non-sticky, non-greasy, odor-free collars are $20 off, for an overall savings of 35%

Poop Bags, $1
Perhaps not the most glamorous of Cyber Monday deals, this is a staple item nonetheless.  It is a great idea to stock up on items you know you are going to need throughout the year, and pet waste bags are certainly one of them.  These bags are environmentally friendly and tear resistant, making them perfect for the dog and owner on the run.  Total savings:  75%.

Bonus:  9% cashback with Ebates
This Ebates cash back bonus is the best of the other stores on this list, with 9% going back into your wallet.  For instance, that Seresto collar becomes $43.22 with the money saving website!

Overall, the above deals are just a small snippet of the Cyber Monday deals going on today.  To make the most of this unofficial holiday, look for items you regularly buy.  In the long run, it will be worth it!

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