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8 Dog Toy Box Ideas That You Will Love

With all the toys around the house, we all know that dogs can be just as messy as a young child. Kids have them so why shouldn’t you have a dog toy box in the house as well? It makes sense, your puppy has those chew toys laying all over. There is nothing worse than stepping on a Kong or plastic bone in the middle of the night! If you would just like to get the ideas, feel free to us the table of contents below to go where you would like to go. Dog Toy Box Ideas The Wire Bone Storage The first option is not technically a dog toy box but it serves the same purpose, plus doing a little more. Besides holding toys, it also offers three hooks for things like your dogs leash. It’s not going to hold a lot of dog toys, but what a cool idea...
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Best Cyber Monday Deals for Dogs

Cyber Monday is upon us, which makes today one of the least productive work days of the year.  Why not join your coworkers in checking out the hottest deals?  Listed here are some of the best sales in dog food, treats, toys, and beds around the internet today. Amazon.com The online retailer is unveiling limited opportunity discounts today on items that rarely go on sale.  Look for products today that have been on your wish list. Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed, $63.41 This large bed is $40 off today, and is perfect for your aging pup that requires a softer surface at night.  If you are trying to break your dog’s bad habit of jumping on the furniture, this extra-comfy bed is also worthwhile.  Total savings:  40% Nail Grinder, $12.99 Many pet owners are uncomfortable clipping their dog’s nails.  With this grinder, you can rest assured you will avoid the trauma...
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Our Picks For The Best Chew Toys for Puppies

Best Chew Toys For Puppies
Your furry friend deserves the safest and best chew toys on the market. While there are many chewable toys to choose from, not all of them are safe and there are many that dogs simply do not like. When you are looking for the best chew toys for puppies, it’s important to find ones that won’t hurt your dog, will stimulate an interest and will be good for his teeth. Why Are Chewing Toys So Important? Puppy chewing toys aren’t a luxury for your dog; they are an absolute necessity. Not only do they help your little guy stay amused but they also help with training and teething. If you’ve ever had kids you know what a difficult time it is when a child is teething. It’s an unbearable constant nagging pain that simply doesn’t go away until the tooth erupts. Your dog is feeling the same type of pain...
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6 Reasons Your Dog Needs an Interactive Dog Toy

In many ways, dogs are just like human children.  They require mental stimulation, quality time with a “parent,” and can be destructive when bored.  Interactive dog toys, which force a dog to solve a puzzle in order to earn a reward, can provide all of the above mentioned needs. Interactive dog toys come in many sizes, shapes, and difficulty levels.  Perhaps the first and most well known interactive toy is the KONG, which forces dogs to figure out how to get all of the cheese, peanut butter, or kibble out of the rubberized toy.  A more difficult toy may hide treats in compartments that the dog must figure out how to open in order to find the tasty reward.  No matter your dog’s skill level, there is sure to be a toy that fits his or her needs. Mental Stimulation Dogs require mental stimulation throughout their day in order to...
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3 Free Dog Toys You Can Make At Home

Let’s face it, dog toys can be expensive! If your dog is always shredding his newest plushy to get to the squeaker and chewing through your money in the hope that the next toy lasts a little longer then it’s time you face the best free dog toys you at make at home, right now! The Poor Dog’s Noise Maker Dogs love toys that make noise – lots of noise! Most toys that make your dog’s ears prick up with delight are costly and are torn to bits pretty quickly. You can make your dog happy and keep your wallet safe with the Poor Dog’s Noise Maker. It’s just a water bottle. If you have a large breed dog you can use a 2 liter soda bottle once you have drank the liquid and rinsed it out well. Don’t forget to take away the tops and plastic rings to make...
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