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Best Cyber Monday Deals for Dogs

Cyber Monday is upon us, which makes today one of the least productive work days of the year.  Why not join your coworkers in checking out the hottest deals?  Listed here are some of the best sales in dog food, treats, toys, and beds around the internet today. Amazon.com The online retailer is unveiling limited opportunity discounts today on items that rarely go on sale.  Look for products today that have been on your wish list. Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed, $63.41 This large bed is $40 off today, and is perfect for your aging pup that requires a softer surface at night.  If you are trying to break your dog’s bad habit of jumping on the furniture, this extra-comfy bed is also worthwhile.  Total savings:  40% Nail Grinder, $12.99 Many pet owners are uncomfortable clipping their dog’s nails.  With this grinder, you can rest assured you will avoid the trauma...
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