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3 Free Dog Toys You Can Make At Home

Let’s face it, dog toys can be expensive! If your dog is always shredding his newest plushy to get to the squeaker and chewing through your money in the hope that the next toy lasts a little longer then it’s time you face the best free dog toys you at make at home, right now! The Poor Dog’s Noise Maker Dogs love toys that make noise – lots of noise! Most toys that make your dog’s ears prick up with delight are costly and are torn to bits pretty quickly. You can make your dog happy and keep your wallet safe with the Poor Dog’s Noise Maker. It’s just a water bottle. If you have a large breed dog you can use a 2 liter soda bottle once you have drank the liquid and rinsed it out well. Don’t forget to take away the tops and plastic rings to make...
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