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Chew Proof Dog Leash


Nearly every dog owner has been through it. It can be difficult to train out of a dog without professional help, and it is an embarrassing thing for your neighbors and friends to witness. Leash chewing on a walk is a bad habit many canine companions develop as they’re taken outdoors on their daily walk with their favorite human. It’s often seen from an energetic young dog or puppy, as he bounces by his owner’s side, and grabs the leash.

The sheer joy of tugging and chewing is enough to reinforce this unwanted behavior, and the dog views it as a playful outlet for his excess energy. However, the destruction of a leash is dangerous as it leads to the dog’s ability to break free from his owner’s control, and ingests harmful nylon, rope or leather. Owners have complained of this behavior, and pet product manufacturers have listened as they developed the chew proof dog leash!

dog proof dog leash

The Chew Proof Leash in Action

The use of a chew proof dog leash can help you train your dog much in the way any other dog leash can, but without the need to constantly buy a new leash as your current one gets chewed. For owners of major chewers, it may not be an unconventional act to carry more than one spare leash with you during exercise and walks. The chew proof leash will let you walk your dog, train him, run with him and more with peace of mind.

Many manufacturers of pet supplies have their own version of the chew proof or tough leash available on the market. Before heading out to your nearest pet store to buy the toughest and most affordable leash you can find on the shelf, educate yourself online about the various materials and durability of each brand and item. Some are meant for light chewers while others do well against the toughest and strongest dogs that love to gnaw on their leash. Various materials can be used from vinyl coated steel wire to braided nylon webbing. Read reviews from others going through the same doggy behavioral issues as you and find out of that fancy chew proof leash stands up to its claims, or if it would be too easily demolished by your dog’s teeth.

It Won’t Change Your Dog!

Be aware that even the best, most expensive and toughest chew proof leash on the market will not change your dog’s behavior, nor should it be relied on to do so! End your dog’s leash chewing through training games that are fun for the both of you. Using a chew proof leash during the training process can make the entire situation more comfortable and relaxed for you and your pooch. He will not chew free from the leash, ingest foreign materials or hurt himself allowing you to focus on the behavior and training instead of protecting another leash from damage.

Don’t be completely taken by products that claim to train your dog for you. They are typically made with aversion training in mind, which is providing your dog with a choice of doing what you want or feeling uncomfortable, such as the prong collar. While these products can work, it is only successful when combined with sound training techniques and patience. Likewise, if a chew proof leash claims to not only stand up to your dog’s destructive habits but to also end them, watch out! Learn all you can from those who have used that product as well as if any professional and reputable trainers have endorsed it’s use or other items like it. Remember, it is up to you to change your dog’s leash chewing habits, not a product maker!

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Is It Worth It?

When you’re out walking your dog and he’s grabbing his leash, gnawing on it, pulling on it and jumping up and down with the leash dangling from his jaws you need to ask yourself what it is you want to end – the leash destruction or the behavior of leash chewing?

In either circumstance, most chew proof leashes hold their weight in their claims and do aid in both training and simple uses like walking, hiking and exercise with your pooch. In fact, many non-leash chewing dogs enjoy the sturdiness and safety of these leashes when out and about. Is it worth it? Yes!

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  1. Todd says:

    Another good solution that we have found for our dogs is the chew proof Tuff Leash. In fact, we initially purchased the leash and then we ordered a matching chew proof dog collar. Great option for our dogs who have already chewed through at least 4 leashes and collars.

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