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TaoTronics Dog Training Collar: TT-PT10 Dog Training Collar Review


TaoTronics Dog Training Collar Product Overview

TaoTronics TT-PT10 shock collarThe latest Tao Tronics Company dog training product in the market is this dynamic product branded TT-PT08 Dog Training Collar. This collar is technologically invented to assist owners change their dog pet behaviors, which are hard to change in natural training. TT-PT08 product will assist dogs change their barking, jumping on people, digging anywhere, wanting to chew everything and running errand without control. The collar is lightweight and allows up to 600 yard distance control with a rechargeable battery operated from remote. The collar is worn around the neck and is comfortable for any dog weighing 10-100 pounds.

How does TT-PT10 Dog Training Collar works?

TT-PT10 Dog Training Collar is a shock inducing gadget. When activated through a remote control, it produces 7 level static corrections and 1 level vibration. The receiver of signals is the main the collar and the remote acts as a transmitter. Both the receiver and the transmitter should communicate when acting hence the reason for the maximum 600 yards away between the dog and owner. At its optimal functionality, the TT-PT10 is known as a no bad behavior collar that helps to improve relationship between dog and owner.

Unique and Useful Features for TaoTronics Dog Training Collar

The creator of this product incorporated the following effective functional features:

  • Multi-level system shock for chronic and acute dog behavior systems
  • Water and weather proof collar that work under all conditions and year round
  • Warning indicator for low battery to enhance continuous training
  • The package is a transmitter with an antenna, a receiver, a collar strap and charger


  • The signals can be sent through a thick wall and still remain effective
  • Ability to control the dog without having to shout at it or move around looking for it
  • The battery saving technology has eliminated cost for buying disposable batteries
  • This collar, although artificial, is part of the dog’s life until it gains good and acceptable behavior. The battery warning light assist owners recharge it for continuous use.
  • TT-PT10 trains dogs in a proper way because it focuses on rectifying common behaviors that are hard to train naturally
  • The weatherproof feature is ideal for rainy seasons or for outdoor activities
  • The collar is ideal for any dog size and dog’s far type does not affect its use.



  • TT-PT10 is an electronic system. Like all other systems, the collar requires two gadgets to function: the remote transmitter and the collar receiver. It is difficult to know when one or both have malfunctioned hence giving false signals.
  • Creators of this product did not indicate the effects of the collar on the dog’s physical health and whether this gadget will make the dog lazier because its function is to reduce the overall activities of the dog. We know active dogs to be healthier and not a nuisance.
  • Excessive pressure during signal induction can easily cause sores in the dog’s neck introducing another health challenge especially if the owner become busy and forget frequent examination when the dog is wearing the collar.

TT-PT08 Dog Training Collar Final Thought

Although the product is effective as the manufacturer claim and is practically effective from those who have used it, most consumers are wondering about the three months warranty on consumable parts. Most low reviews point towards multistep malfunctioning. The product malfunctions from one level to another such that users are only assured of the first three months and thereafter its functionality become questionable. This characteristic makes the TT-PT08 Dog Training Collar’s functionality conflict with its pricing. Buyers should always be aware of electronic systems that work both in water and in the dry. These systems do not always have the best charge though.

The Bottom Line

This TaoTronics dog training collar is on the low end as far as quality goes. If you are serious about training or changinf the behaviour of your dog, I would suggest getting a better quality shock collar. You can find the one I use daily along with a couple other better options in my article “Everything You Need To Know About Shock Collars For Dogs“.

This collar might work for you if you do not plan on using long term.

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