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Review on the ThunderShirt


As dog owners, it saddens, frustrates, and upsets us to see our dogs filled with anxiety. We want to help, soothe, and comfort them, and show them that there really is nothing to be afraid of. But sometimes no matter what you do, you cannot calm them down. Most dog owners turn to medications for severe anxiety, however if you want to avoid medicating your dog, you should try the ThunderShirt first.

The ThunderShirt is an anti- anxiety vest (also known as a pressure wrap) and it was created for dogs who are petrified of thunderstorms. The company started out with just the ThunderShirt, and over the years has evolved into an entire company on anxiety relieving products for both dogs and cats, and now goes by the name ThunderWorks. The ThunderShirt is of course still their best selling product.

The best way to describe how a ThunderShirt works is to compare it to swaddling an infant. When you swaddling an infant, you are applying constant pressure around the main part of the body. This closeness is supposed to simulate the baby being back in the womb, which is a small, tight space. It’s comforting, calming, and makes them feel safe. This concept is very similar to the ThunderShirt. When you wrap your pet in the ThunderShirt, it is meant to be somewhat tight. Not so tight that it is restrictive, but tight enough that you (or your dog) cannot pull it off if you were to try to.

dog thundershirt reviewAlthough the ThunderShirt (<– Best price I could find online) was originally created to relieve pets with fears of thunderstorms, it is also extremely effective when used for pets with generalized anxiety, separation anxiety, or any type of fear that your dog may have. Many veterinary professionals believe that pressure has a calming effect on the nervous system, possibly by releasing a calming hormone like endorphins. Using pressure to relieve anxiety in people and animals has been a common practice for years. For example, T-Touch dog trainers use pressure to address a variety of anxieties, veterinarians use pressure to relax cattle when they are administering vaccinations, and many autistic people use pressure to relieve their persistent anxiety.

When using the ThunderShirt, it is best to put it on your dog before you actually need it. For example, if you notice that today it’s supposed to storm, you should put the ThunderShirt on before the storm actually starts. This will help relax your dog, so that when the impending storm arrives, your dog is already calm. If your pet is already anxious it still can be effective, it just may not be as effective as if you put it on before the anxiety causing event.

If you have anxious dog and are wishing to give them some relief without the use of sedative to calm them, than the ThunderShirt may be for you. ThunderWorks is so confident in their product that if you do not feel that it is working for your dog then you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked. When you take that into consideration, you, and your dog, have nothing to lose.

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