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Dog Christmas Sweaters; Dress Your Pup With Fashionable Ugly Christmas Sweaters!


Dogs are our best friends, but more than that they are family. Nearly every dedicated pet parents includes their dog in holiday celebrations using costumes, gifts, cards sent to family and friend with photos of their pet, and much more. This 2014 holiday season has promised these special dog lovers a new flavor of fashionable sweaters their dog can sport during photo shoots, family gatherings or just a walk around town. The ugly Christmas sweater has taken the pet fashion market by storm!

Does This Sweater Make My Tail Look Big?

dog christmas sweaterDressing your dog up for the holidays has never been more fun. Dogs of all sizes and ages can take part, and the more creative the outfit, the more raving that occurs around your pup. Finding the perfect fit, color and patterns of dog ugly Christmas sweaters has become easier than ever now that giant breeds and tiny toy breeds are included in dog fashion.

Measure your dog before purchasing a sweater. The best sweaters and brands out there will provide for you a sizing chart and description of how to measure your dog to find the best sweater possible. For example, if you have a small or toy sized pooch, you can search online for specific boutiques that specialized in the little dog sizes. From there, you will have a larger selection of clothing, including ugly Christmas sweaters! One such small dog boutique is GW Little, or gwlittle.com. Each manufacturer will have their own size guidelines, and you will need to measure your dog.

Finding your dog’s size really is far easier than it may sound. All you need is a measuring tape. First measure your dog’s girth, which is about one inch behind his front legs. Wrap the measuring tape from behind his legs to the top of his withers, or shoulders. Then, you can measure his neck by doing the same thing, just wrap it around his neck where his collar would go. Lastly, you may need to measure your dog’s length. Start the measuring tape at his withers and extend it to the base of his tail. Write your dog’s measurements down on a piece of paper so that you have it ready for doggy ugly sweater shopping!

dog ugly christmas sweater

Where to Shop For Dog Christmas Sweaters

Some sweaters are warm and can keep your dog cozy on a chilly night, and others are specifically for fashion. First decide what it is you are looking for, comfort or fun. Perhaps you are looking for both! You can shop at your regular department store for a fun and cheap ugly dog sweater, or you can shop both online and in stores of the big box pet stores, such as Petco.com or Petsmart.com. For something more unique, and a little more costly, searching out stores and online shops that focus primarily on pet fashion may be a fun choice.

We already mentioned gwlittle.com who makes clothing, supplies, and Christmas sweaters, just for small dogs. Their selection is wonderful with high quality and variety, but can be costly. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to pet fashion! For medium and large dogs, seek out supply pet stores online, and you might be surprised as the Christmas pet sweaters they have for pets like yours! Try websites like drfosterssmith.com or baxterboo.com for quality service and a large selection.

ugly dog christmas sweater

Why Should My Dog Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater?

Dressing your pet should be fun for both you and your dog. If putting things like shirts, coats or blankets on your dog stresses him out, just don’t worry about it! There are other festive things an anxious dog can sport, such as Christmas or holiday printed collars, leashes or even fun Christmas dog cookies that pets seem to just love. If you and your dog do enjoy dressing up, a good fit and quality are your keys to success in dressing up as much cuteness as you can this holiday season.

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