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Chew Proof Dog Leash

Nearly every dog owner has been through it. It can be difficult to train out of a dog without professional help, and it is an embarrassing thing for your neighbors and friends to witness. Leash chewing on a walk is a bad habit many canine companions develop as they’re taken outdoors on their daily walk with their favorite human. It’s often seen from an energetic young dog or puppy, as he bounces by his owner’s side, and grabs the leash. The sheer joy of tugging and chewing is enough to reinforce this unwanted behavior, and the dog views it as a playful outlet for his excess energy. However, the destruction of a leash is dangerous as it leads to the dog’s ability to break free from his owner’s control, and ingests harmful nylon, rope or leather. Owners have complained of this behavior, and pet product manufacturers have listened as they...
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Chew Proof Dog Bed Cover

A puppy or active dog may find joy in making a toy out of his bed. This means dealing with a destroyed bed, a floor covered in bed fluff, and replacing your best friend’s sleeping spot often. Let’s not forget the potential dangers that lurk in your dog’s bed. That fluff he enjoys tearing out could have toxic flame retardant chemicals or simply cause blockages in your pet’s tummy if he swallows any. All of this can be prevented with the investment of a chew proof dog bed cover! Variety for Every Dog You can find a variety of chew proof dog bed covers for any size and shape of pet bed your dog may have. These covers are typically constructed of tear resistant and water proofed materials that are also pliable and comfortable for a dog to lay on. Furthermore, you don’t even need to already have a dog...
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Chew Proof Water Bottles for Dogs

It is a growing need to use water bottles for our canine companions in a variety of settings from travel carriers to inside then crate when they must be safely secured for a bit of time. Plastic water bottles are typically used, but for puppies and the bored pooch, teeth can turn a plastic bottle into a huge, wet mess inside a confined area. Using chew proof water bottles is a route to take when you’re dealing with a chewer and need to make sure the water stays in the bottle until he drinks! The Bottle’s Purpose When you make the choice to use a water bottle for your dog, it is most likely to make sure he has access to water while either providing the most floor space and/or to prevent a potential mess that some dogs or young puppies may make with a water bowl. These bottles will...
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