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Chew Proof Dog Leash

Nearly every dog owner has been through it. It can be difficult to train out of a dog without professional help, and it is an embarrassing thing for your neighbors and friends to witness. Leash chewing on a walk is a bad habit many canine companions develop as they’re taken outdoors on their daily walk with their favorite human. It’s often seen from an energetic young dog or puppy, as he bounces by his owner’s side, and grabs the leash. The sheer joy of tugging and chewing is enough to reinforce this unwanted behavior, and the dog views it as a playful outlet for his excess energy. However, the destruction of a leash is dangerous as it leads to the dog’s ability to break free from his owner’s control, and ingests harmful nylon, rope or leather. Owners have complained of this behavior, and pet product manufacturers have listened as they...
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