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Chew Proof Water Bottles for Dogs


It is a growing need to use water bottles for our canine companions in a variety of settings from travel carriers to inside then crate when they must be safely secured for a bit of time. Plastic water bottles are typically used, but for puppies and the bored pooch, teeth can turn a plastic bottle into a huge, wet mess inside a confined area. Using chew proof water bottles is a route to take when you’re dealing with a chewer and need to make sure the water stays in the bottle until he drinks!

The Bottle’s Purpose

When you make the choice to use a water bottle for your dog, it is most likely to make sure he has access to water while either providing the most floor space and/or to prevent a potential mess that some dogs or young puppies may make with a water bowl. These bottles will typical hang on the outside of a dog’s crate or travel carrier providing the metal nozzle with a spring activated ball so that the animal can get water by licking with his tongue.

These bottles have been used for whelping puppies, animals in need of special medical care in which they are not permitted to have much space for movement. They are also commonly used during transportation as an easy method of carrying water during car rides and airplane trips. However, the bottles should never be given during actual transportation as the ball bouncing with the movement of the vehicle will allow water to spill out. Inside, provide this water bottle during pit stops so your precious pooch can stay hydrated and free from spilled water.

The Glass Bottle

chew proof water bottleWhile plastic may be the most commonly seen and used water bottles for dogs, the glass bottle is most certainly worth the investment. The cost of one glass water bottle is worth far more than dealing with the mess of a broken or chewed plastic one and all of the replacements you will end up purchasing. The glass bottle is heavy and made of very thick glass. It not only is not chewable, but a dog would not like the feel of the hard, heavy glass against his teeth to begin with, leaving the bottle alone aside from drinking from it!

The glass bottle is also safer. While a dog can chew up the plastic bottle and damage it, he can also ingest the bits he chews. This can lead to impaction and internal damage to his digestive system by swallowing these sharp plastic bits. Because plastic is indigestible, he may need an emergency surgery to remove these pieces.

The glass bottle comes in a variety of different brands and sizes. However, the highest rated brands are Super Pet, which primarily make bottles for small critters and parrots and Lixit who markets water bottles for all animal types. The Lixit bottles tend to be a bit trickier to keep clean, however, as it uses a rubber plug with the metal nozzle attached through the middle to hold the water in. Screw on caps, as used by Super Pet is easier to clean and use for most people and situation.

Always clean a water bottle every day just as you would a water dish. These containers hold water and allow light to affect it, which means a growth of both algea and bacteria are quite common. The enclosed space will create faster growth of dangerous organisms than that of a bowl. If you have an automatic dishwasher, you can easily put your dog’s water bottle in with the nightly dishes or simply hand wash it yourself. Dish detergent or pure white distilled vinegar can be used to kill all bacteria and algae safely. Rinse thoroughly to remove any and all residue from the cleaning products and you’re ready to use it again!

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