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Up Pup 4-Step Dog Stairs Review


There are many reasons to discourage your dog from jumping onto furniture, including injury prevention and pain management.  Instead, pet steps can be utilized to encourage your dog to climb onto furniture in a safer way.  Numerous sizes, styles, and heights of pet steps are available.  Here, the Up Pup 4-Step Dog Stairs will be reviewed.

About Up Pup 4-Step Dog Stairs

The Up Pup 4-Step Dog Stairs are extremely lightweight, carpeted pet steps.  These steps stand 28’’ tall and weigh 2 lbs.  They are also available in other heights.  The steps are two-tone in color, with cream colored carpeting covering the face of the steps and dark brown fabric covering the rest of the structure.  This covering can be removed and washed in a washing machine.  According to the manufacturer, the Up Pup 4-Step Dog Stairs can support up to 200 lbs. 

Why We Purchased Up Pup 4-Step Dog Stairs

We purchased the Up Pup 4-Step Dog Stairs while our 15 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was recovering from surgery following a dog attack.  Due to a muscle tear she was not supposed to jump onto furniture for 2 weeks.  However, like most Cavaliers, her favorite location is the couch and keeping her from jumping onto furniture was difficult.  Since she despises being lifted or carried, steps seemed to be the logical choice.  Since we also foster senior dogs, a lightweight set of stairs was a practical purchase. 

What I Liked about Up Pup 4-Step Dog Stairs

My initial impression of the Up Pup 4-Step Dog Stairs was that they were aesthetically pleasing.  I have seen dog stairs in other peoples’ homes and have found them to be a cumbersome eyesore.  I liked that the two-tone steps matched well with our brown chairs and hardwood floors. 

My next impression was that the steps were incredibly lightweight yet still seemed sturdy.  I felt comfortable standing on them, so I was confident our 30 lb dogs would be safe.  I also like that the steps are carpeted, which seems safer than a non-textured surface.  For a dog like Lucy whose feet are covered in fur, a textured surface was important to me. 

What My Dogs Thought about Up Pup 4-Step Dog Stairs

We used treats to train our dogs to walk up the steps, followed by a lot of praise.  Sadie, our younger beagle, is extremely food motivated and obedient.  It was easy to use her as a model to train Lucy.  However, both dogs still found it easier to jump onto the couch rather than use the steps if not prompted.  I liked that the steps did not budge when the dogs used them to climb onto the couch.

Unfortunately, we were not able to get either dog to use the steps to climb off the couch.  I can understand why:  the lightweight steps did not seem as sturdy going down as they do when going up.

When climbing up the steps, they are anchored against the couch, so they do not move.  However, when going down the steps they slide slightly forward.  While I think the movement wouldn’t be an issue on carpet, it was definitely an issue on hardwood floors. 

What I Disliked about Up Pup 4-Step Dog Stairs

I did not like that dog stairs were not well-suited to hardwood floors.  Otherwise, I believe the Up Pup 4-Step Dog Stairs is a quality product that will be useful in our carpeted bedroom.  The slipping can potentially be remedied with non-stick tape. 

Bottom Line

Ultimately, I believe the Up Pup 4-Step Dog Stairs is a great product, especially for the price.  These steps are easy to move around the home due to their low weight and are also aesthetically pleasing.  The Up Pup steps may not be suitable for use on a hardwood floor, particularly if your dog is medium-to-large sized.  While these steps are rated for 200+ lbs, I do not think they are a good size for dogs weighing more than 40 lbs. 

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