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Dog Product Review:  DogsWell Chicken & Cranberry Squares Super Boost for Immune Support


The best treats for dogs are ones that are high-quality, a great value, made in the USA, and provide additional benefits beyond positive reinforcement.  Here, a treat that checks all these boxes – DogsWell Super Boost for Immunity Support Chicken & Cranberry Squares – will be reviewed. 


The DogsWell company believes in supporting canine wellness proactively.  Their dog treats are all made from real meat, instead of meals or by-products.  Each treat variety also provides additional benefit, such as hip and joint, immune system, or skin and coat support.  All DogsWell treats are made with high-quality ingredients that are sourced in the United States. 

Chicken & Cranberry Squares Super Boost for Immunity Support

DogsWell Chicken & Cranberry Squares Super Boost for Immunity Support is made with whole ingredients that are designed to provide immune system support.  The addition of antioxidants from vitamins C and E not only act as natural preservatives, but they also provide dogs with a nutrient boost.  These treats are safe for dogs with sensitive stomachs since they are grain free, corn free, soy free, and contain no artificial colors or flavors. 

The DogsWell Chicken & Cranberry Squares Super Boost for Immunity Support treats are brown squares measuring approximately 1’’ x 1’’.  These treats are neither hard and crunchy nor overly soft.  Rather, they can be easily broken without crumbling.  The treats are perforated, which aids in breaking the squares into smaller pieces.    

The ingredients in DogsWell Chicken & Cranberry squares are: chicken, cranberries, vegetable glycerin, salt, cane molasses, flaxseed, citric acid (preservative), vitamin A supplement, ascorbic acid (preservative), and tocopherols (preservative). 

What I Like About DogsWell Chicken & Cranberry Squares

The DogsWell Chicken & Cranberry Squares were gifted to my 16 year old dog, Lucy.  These treats were chosen for Lucy because they provide immune system support and are not hard or crunchy (Lucy does not have all her teeth and requires soft treats).   I am skeptical that a single treat can support a significant immune system boost, but I do appreciate that the treats have been produced with health benefits in mind. 

I love that these treats contain whole foods, like chicken and cranberry, as their first two ingredients.  I believe that anything fed to a dog should have a purpose, and I really appreciate the short list of safe and healthy ingredients. 

I also like that these treats are very easy to break apart.  They are square-shaped and can be quickly broken into 4+ pieces.   For Lucy, who does not have many teeth, small bits are perfect because she can easily chew and swallow them without choking (a common problem for her). 

DogsWell treats are also a good value.  On Amazon, a 5 oz bag is $7.49.  Considering these treats can be broken up into many small pieces, a single 5 oz bag can last a long time.

Finally, I love that these treats are sourced and made in the USA.  My dogs both seem to love the taste, as they will stop what they are doing and run to me when I pick up the DogsWell bag! 

What I Don’t Like about DogsWell Chicken & Cranberry Squares

There are few things I don’t like about these treats.  My main complaint is the inclusion of cane molasses.  While cane molasses is not harmful to dogs in small quantities (and may even have health benefits), I do not believe the inclusion of sweeteners is necessary in dog treats.  However, cane molasses is the fifth ingredient on the list, meaning there is probably a very low sugar content overall. 

It should be noted that DogsWell appears to be phasing out the Super Boost line, which is being replaced by their Immunity & Defense line.  However, the Super Boost variety can still be found on websites such as Amazon and Chewy.com.  The new formula has similar ingredients, but without any added sugar and with the addition of turmeric and vinegar.  I love the current product but will try the new and improved and formula!

Bottom Line

Ultimately, I like DogsWell Chicken & Cranberry Squares Super Boost for Immunity Support because they are made with high-quality ingredients that each serves a purpose.  My biggest complaint – the added sugar – has been phased out in the new formula, which I am excited to try. 

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