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Last Minute Halloween Costumes for your Dog



With Halloween mere hours away, you may be struggling to get your pup’s costume together (or forgot about Halloween completely).  Listed here are 9 costumes that require little effort.

Turn your dog into a spooky mummy by wrapping her in strips of gauze, a cut-up t-shirt, or even toilet paper.  To add to the effect, red food coloring can be used to create the illusion of blood.  Just be sure that the wrappings are not too tight and that your pet’s movements aren’t restricted.


This costume is perfect if your pet has dark fur.  Simply purchase a pet-safe temporary marker or fur paint and outline your dog’s skeletal system.  If bringing your dog along trick-or-treating, look for glow-in-the-dark paint to add to the effect.  This costume is great for dogs that dislike wearing clothes or costumes.


Similar to the skeleton, if you have a tan or orange furred dog, paint black stripes onto your pet and turn her into a tiger.  Have a white dog?  Turn your pet into a zebra.

Hot Dog
A hot dog (or other food, such as a taco) is a popular pet costume and one that is available at most pet stores and big-box retailers.  While your pet may not be the only hot dog roaming the streets, this costume is easy and guaranteed to be a hit.

Beanie Baby
Is your dog as cute as the iconic bean-filled toys of the 90’s?  This simple costume only requires a replica of the red, heart-shaped “ty” tag affixed to your dog’s collar.  Simply cut out red construction paper into a large heart shape, glue it to a piece of cardboard, and then draw the “ty” label, or print out letters to cut and glue onto the tag.  Punch a hole in the tag and attach it to your dog’s collar using twine.

A simple and inexpensive Halloween prop is a pair of wings, which can be purchased at any store that carries holiday supplies.  Attach the wings to your dog’s harness and add additional accessories as necessary (or, as your dog will allow).

Turn your dog into your favorite athlete by having her wear an athletic jersey.  No matter the size jersey you have, you can quickly tailor it with safety pins (being careful not to prick your dog) to the perfect size.  As an additional accessory, place sweat bands on each of your pet’s ankles.  If you are a runner, you can attach a bib number to your dog’s harness and place a shortened finisher’s medal around its neck.


If your dog has a collection of Christmas sweaters, this costume is a no-brainer.  Simply place the sweater on your dog (assuming Halloween is not unseasonably warm this year), and attach small boxes covered in gift wrap to your dog’s costume.

Leaf Pile
This simple costume makes use of items you likely already have on hand:  a dog sweater, and plenty of brightly colored leaves.  Simply put the sweater on your dog, and tape or glue leaves to your pet!

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