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Dog Sweaters: Finding the Perfect Apparel for Your Pup


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Fashion is something that we tend to only think about when it comes to people, but what about our dogs? Many of us think of our furry friends as family members, so it’s natural that we’d want them to be warm, comfortable, and stylish when they’re out and about with us. It’s also a fact that many of our doggie friends need some extra insulation when it comes to keeping warm. Short haired breeds like Pinschers or Bulldogs certainly may need the warmth and coziness that a sweater provides, but senior dogs or those with health conditions like Cushing’s disease, hypothyroidism or allergic dermatitis might have issues with thinning hair too, making an extra layer a necessity for warmth and comfort.

So how do you go about finding the perfect pullover for your pup? The two main things to consider are fit and fabric. A good sweater should fit your dog snugly (but not too tightly) around their chest, neck and waist without restricting their movement. Since our canine companions can get into some muddy situations from time to time, an outdoor sweater made from waterproof, easily washable materials like polyester or nylon are usually a good idea. Sweaters for indoor use usually don’t need as much insulation, though, but the fabric should be breathable and comfortable for your pup. Finally, be cautious of sweaters with attachments like buttons, snaps or other decorations –while some pets might be fine with these adornments, they could be a choking hazard for dogs who tend to be persistent chewers.

The other great thing about sweaters is that there’s a perfect one for each pup out there. Let’s take a look at some of the different sweater types, styles and patterns that are available for your favorite friend!

Fall Dog Sweaters

Ah, fall – a season of tumbling leaves, changing colors, and temperatures that can flip flop from fair to frigid in hours. While you want to keep your dog warm, super-thick outdoor gear could easily be hot and uncomfortable for your pooch at this time of year. Consider a single layered outfit made with a breathable fabric like wool or cotton, which will protect your pup from those occasional cool winds while allowing them to romp freely through that big leaf pile. Cable knit sweaters, cotton hoodies, and stretchy jersey fabric are all fantastic fall choices for your furry friend. If you’re trying to decide on a color scheme, there are lots of sweaters that sport cozy stripes, chunky knitted textures, bold plaids, or even leaf motifs in browns, oranges, deep reds and greens to keep your canine companion looking great.

Halloween Dog Sweaters

Witches and ghosts and spiders, oh my! Halloween can be just as much fun for your dog, too, and there are endless options to keep your pup pumpkin ready. Are you trick or treating together as superheroes? There are Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman sweaters, indeed, but the variety doesn’t stop there. While dressing your dog up for Halloween can be fun for both of you, it’s important to keep your pooch’s comfort in mind first and foremost. Look for sweaters that are comfortable, fit well, and that don’t have any hanging pieces or fabrics that would cause your dog to trip. Alternatively, there are more traditional types of sweaters that feature Jack o’ lanterns, spooky cats or adorable skeletons; they’ll certainly keep your dog from getting the chills on this spooky night too!

Thanksgiving Dog Sweaters

As Thanksgiving draws closer, the weather gets colder, and so do our dogs. It’s not unusual for chilly winds and frosted windowpanes to accompany that traditional turkey dinner, so in order to keep the glow of a good meal going, come to the rescue of your frigid friend with a cozy covering. Cooler conditions call for a few more layers, and dog owners who brave the rain with their pups will want to make sure their dogs stay dry as well as toasty warm. Lightly padded or quilted sweaters with a waterproof outer layer can be a great option for the pup who wants to join in on the Thanksgiving football game, while a cozy cardigan gives some added insulation to the couch potato pup who doesn’t want to venture outside. Yes, there are even sweaters with turkey tails.

Christmas Dog Sweaters

It’s hard not to love the holiday season, and what could be better than including your favorite furry friend in the festivities? Cold, ice and snow can give our dogs pause, however, and a chilly pup is definitely not going to want to pose for family holiday photos. It’s especially important to help our dogs retain as much body heat as possible! Look for sweaters that are insulated, windproof and have a durable outside layer to keep your pup from getting too chilled on those freezing outdoor outings. Velcro fastenings on some sweaters can help to stop them from riding up as your dog runs and plays, avoiding sudden blasts of cold air. For indoor dogs that still find the air a bit too cool for their liking, it might be worth it to check out a lightweight, full body sweater for your particular pooch. With everyone dry, warm, and as cozy as possible, you can feel free to deck the halls and pass the dog treats!

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