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Christmas Dog Sweaters

Who doesn’t look forward to Christmas? Bells ringing, hymns, singing, snow falling, and most all gifts and presents! It is indeed one holiday that everyone eagerly awaits! And with much reason! The season of Christmas stands for remembrance, family and faith; all that we recall once a year on this blessed day. It revolves around visits to the Church, festive and elaborate dinners and lunches, decorating trees and most of all, dressing up! We all get invited to, or host, Christmas parties and celebrations. And one thing that it demands of us is to dress up appropriately for the occasion. Thus, we are searching for the best and most affordable outfit. And in this hustle bustle, we look forward to dressing up your dear and precious dog friends as well! In this regard, a plethora of Christmas inspired sweaters is available online and now also conveniently in numerous stores. At...
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Dog Sweaters: Finding the Perfect Apparel for Your Pup

Fashion is something that we tend to only think about when it comes to people, but what about our dogs? Many of us think of our furry friends as family members, so it’s natural that we’d want them to be warm, comfortable, and stylish when they’re out and about with us. It’s also a fact that many of our doggie friends need some extra insulation when it comes to keeping warm. Short haired breeds like Pinschers or Bulldogs certainly may need the warmth and coziness that a sweater provides, but senior dogs or those with health conditions like Cushing’s disease, hypothyroidism or allergic dermatitis might have issues with thinning hair too, making an extra layer a necessity for warmth and comfort. So how do you go about finding the perfect pullover for your pup? The two main things to consider are fit and fabric. A good sweater should fit your...
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