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Scoop The Poop; Enhance Your Dog Potty Etiquette


Picture this; you’re walking your favorite canine companion. It’s a nice, crisp fall day with blue skies and fresh air until you and your dog come across another dog owner’s pet waste that you must avoid before it ends up on the sole of your shoe. No one should have to deal with another person’s dog poop. The pet industry knows this, and has made it easier for owners to scoop their dog’s poop with handy pick up plastic bags, holders and other gadgets to make this dirty job less gross for even the most squeamish of stomachs.

Easier Than You Think

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Just as much as you don’t want to see, smell or pull your dog away from a strange dog’s feces lying on or by a side walk, you also may not feel the need or want to pick up your own dog’s poop. You’re outside after all, right? By leaving your dog’s waste to lie in the path of the next dog walker to come by you are adding to the problem of irresponsible pet ownership. Leaving dog waste behind is harmful to the beauty and comfort of public places as well as the environment. If you wouldn’t leave behind plastic bag, don’t leave behind dog poop!

Poop pick up bags are super easy to use and are pretty affordable. Most stores, including grocery stores and department store, sell these nifty little plastic bags. Most are also biodegradable in case you forget to toss them in the garbage after use. To use one of these bags, tear one at the dotted line from the roll, open it up, put your hand in and pick up the poo with the bag as a glove. Once you have hold of the waste, turn the bag inside out so the poop is on the inside and your hand is free and clear of any mess!

What’s The Point?

If seeing, smelling, stepping in and ordering your dog to leave random piles of waste left from previous dog walkers, then perhaps the law will catch your attention. In most cities, towns and villages throughout the United States have laws and ordinances in place to keep pet waste from filling up public parks, side walks and other places that your dog’s poop just doesn’t belong. If you are seen letting your dog do his business without any means of cleaning it up, you could find yourself with some hefty consequences.

Other than not getting an expensive fine for not scooping your dog’s poop, fecal matter spreads disease and parasites. If your dog sniffs, steps in, licks or otherwise interacts with the waste of another dog that had any type of worm such as roundworm, a bacterial infection like Giardia, or something far more dangerous like Parvovirus, he could be putting his own life in danger without knowing it. Even worse, that previous owner is putting your dog’s life in danger for not cleaning up after their own pet. To further this situation, if your dog contracts any disease, infection or parasite and you don’t bother picking up his poop, you are making other dogs sick as well. Fecal matter not being cleaned up is one of the top reasons why pets get sick.

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Be Responsible, Be Clean – Scoop The Poop

If ever owner who’s dog defecated outdoors cleaned up their pet’s mess, disease control would be far easier to accomplish and more pets would be safe from life threatening illnesses. You can help be the solution to ending preventable diseases in our dogs by simply picking up your pet’s poop and throwing it into the nearest garbage can. That’s all it takes, and the next dog to come down the trail will be safe from anything your dog may have without your knowledge. Be that responsible dog owner to clean up after your pet, and spread the word!

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