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Scoop The Poop; Enhance Your Dog Potty Etiquette

Picture this; you’re walking your favorite canine companion. It’s a nice, crisp fall day with blue skies and fresh air until you and your dog come across another dog owner’s pet waste that you must avoid before it ends up on the sole of your shoe. No one should have to deal with another person’s dog poop. The pet industry knows this, and has made it easier for owners to scoop their dog’s poop with handy pick up plastic bags, holders and other gadgets to make this dirty job less gross for even the most squeamish of stomachs. Easier Than You Think Just as much as you don’t want to see, smell or pull your dog away from a strange dog’s feces lying on or by a side walk, you also may not feel the need or want to pick up your own dog’s poop. You’re outside after all, right?...
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