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Dog Dental Chews- Choose The Right Type Of Chews And Treats


Have you ever though that your pet friend can face dental, oral problems as well? Yes, that’s right. Your dogs can suffer from oral health conditions like gum disease and much more. Dental problems in your furry friend can result in lost or broken teeth, loss of appetite and damage to organs when bacteria get in the bloodstream via diseased gums.

So, to avoid getting such dental problems, there are dog dental chews and treats available in the market that proves to be really useful. Some of these products contain polyphosphate in the form of coating. It helps to reduce tartar by around half. These chews are available in different flavours and tastes as well like some taste like mint and others like chicken and so on.

Professional brushing and cleaning are surely amazing ways that help to maintain good oral health. But these dog dental chews may provide amazing oral benefits to your pets.

dental chews

It has been observed that the dogs who chew aggressively have less plaque. Some dog chews and diets also help to reduce the plaque by around 70 percent. Also, they increase diameter of kibble by about 50 percent and further leading to 42 percent reduction in the amount of tartar build up.

The hard chew dog toys are useful as well. Ask a vet about the best chews or diets that he recommends for your dog. Dental chews also offer the benefit of reducing or preventing bad breath. Through removing the food particles from the teeth, they help to reduce bad breath problems.

Further, as you cannot watch over the dog at all times, you need to select the dental chews that are:

  • Soft than the regular bones and that are made for tender gums
  • Tasty so that the dog remain interested in eating them
  • Gentle and soft so as to protect their baby teeth
  • Free from all toxic and unhealthy ingredients

Rawhide dental chews can be selected as they are made from hides of horses or cows and they help to reduce the accumulation of tartar and plaque. (<– Please be careful with these, dogs can choke on them).  Then there are chew toys, which are not edible but they prove to be a nice option for the dogs who chew edible treats quickly.

Also, you need to match the right chew or treat with your dog’s preferences, size and personality. For the aggressive chewers, you may need some product that is firm and a bit hard. Always avoid harder bones. This is so because in case your dog has some diseased teeth, then the hard chews may break the teeth. Thus fresh bones with cartilage and meat may be easy to have.

dog chews

Dental chews for dogs work a great deal for removing unnecessary build up of tartar and plaque from the surface of the tooth. Also, some of them have the additional antiseptic and nutritional benefits, thus making them perfect chews for dental brushing and good oral health.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your four legged friend the best of chews and let them enjoy good dental, oral health.


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