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Why Chew-Proof Dog Beds are Worth Every Penny

soft chew proof dog bed

K9 Ballistics TUFF

Have you heard of a chew proof dog bed? If not, this is for you. If so, see below for a couple reviews of the best I have found. If you have large, nervous dogs like I do, you know that at any time of the day, you might be in danger of discovering something has been chewed up. We have a large German Sheppard mix and a smaller, but more nervous blue-heeler/St. Bernard mix, both of whom like to get their teeth into things. Luckily, my dogs have been trained to the point that they usually only chew the little plastic ends off of shoelaces, however, especially if I have to leave them home alone during the day or sleep through their yipping in the morning for breakfast, there is still the possibility that their old habits will return and I will find something chewed to pieces.

One of their favorite chew toys is their dog bed. They usually share a bed, and they both share in tearing it to pieces if either of them is experiencing any anxiety at all. No matter of positive reinforcement has corrected this habit, so in the past, we would just chock it up to experience and buy a fresh one. That is, until we discovered that companies actually make chew-proof (or at least, chew-resistant) beds, in many different styles and colors. Let’s face it, sometimes things that are chew proof (especially kennels) are notoriously utilitarian and not very pretty to have in your home.

These dog beds, however, are the opposite. The one that we currently use, to begin with, is the extra, extra-large version of the K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Bed. We picked this one originally because it came in a color that matched the rest of our furniture and has a removable cover, which makes it easy to clean. Plus, our older dog needs lots of cushioning, as she does have some arthritis. They both love this bed—the cover is soft, as is the filler material, which stays even and doesn’t bunch up to one side or one corner like we’ve seen happen in other beds.

chew proof dog bed

Chew Proof Dog Bed

While this bed is fantastic, if you have a very aggressive chewer, it may not hold up as well as you need something to. In that case, look for the Kuranda Cew Proof Dog Bed. This bed is not like the traditional pillow construction of most dog beds, instead opting for a cot-like construction, with a frame made of heavy-duty PVC and a canvas-like bed area, suspended between the supports. Not only is there very little on this bed that could be destroyed by a chewer, this bed is perfect for older dogs who might have trouble getting up and down when they sleep on the floor. The fabric used for the actual bed is extremely resistant to digging and scratching and the way the bed is constructed makes it very difficult for a dog to actually get his teeth into it.

It is nice to have a soft spot for your dog to sleep at night, but if he is always chewing it to pieces, it may seem like a hassle. A chew-proof bed is the best way to give him a nice place to sleep and to keep him from ripping it to pieces.

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