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Should You Let Your Dog Sleep in Bed with You?

There are two camps among dog people:  those who believe dogs belong in the owner’s bed, and those who prefer their dogs to stay off the furniture.  What are the benefits to each scenario, and is one way better than the other?  These questions are answered below. Benefits of Co-Sleeping with your Dog There are many benefits to allowing your dog to sleep in bed with you.  These include: Protection A dog sleeping in your bed will provide more protection against a break in than a dog in a crate.  Even if your dog isn’t a natural protector, studies have shown that burglars are significantly less likely to target a home with dogs. Warmth Pet owners can save money on their energy bills by allowing their dogs into the bed.  A dog’s body temperature is naturally a few degrees warmer than a human’s, making even the smallest pet a natural...
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Why Chew-Proof Dog Beds are Worth Every Penny

Have you heard of a chew proof dog bed? If not, this is for you. If so, see below for a couple reviews of the best I have found. If you have large, nervous dogs like I do, you know that at any time of the day, you might be in danger of discovering something has been chewed up. We have a large German Sheppard mix and a smaller, but more nervous blue-heeler/St. Bernard mix, both of whom like to get their teeth into things. Luckily, my dogs have been trained to the point that they usually only chew the little plastic ends off of shoelaces, however, especially if I have to leave them home alone during the day or sleep through their yipping in the morning for breakfast, there is still the possibility that their old habits will return and I will find something chewed to pieces. One of...
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