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When to Choose High Fiber Dog Food

We all know that getting enough fiber is important for humans but how necessary is it to find a quality high fiber dog food? Do dogs really need extra fiber and how do you know if you are providing too much of a good thing? These are important questions to answer before running out and buying a high fiber food for dogs. In some cases your dog may need more fiber but in other cases he may be getting just enough. Why is High Fiber Dog Food so Important for Dogs Fiber provides necessary bulk that will help to move the food he eats through his intestines. If your dog gets constipated he will start to get bloated and gain weight. As well, his anal glands can become impacted and smell bad. For this reason, fiber can be found in just about all dog foods. If your dog has been...
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How to Stop a Puppy from Biting

Puppies do many adorable things as they begin to grow and explore the world around them, from letting out their first bark to navigating stairs for the first time.  Young pups are able to get away with many bad habits when they small, mostly because they are not yet strong, big, or loud enough to cause any harm.  One common behavior of puppies is biting and nipping.  Although many owners may find this action cute in the beginning, if left unchecked there can be significant – and even dangerous – consequences.  Listed here is a guide intended to help you stop a puppy from biting. Why is my puppy biting? Many pet owners mistakenly believe that a puppy that is biting is destined to grow up to be an aggressive dog.  In reality, it is extremely rare for a puppy to be truly aggressive.  Instead, puppies use their mouths for...
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Pet Food Storage – Safely and Properly Store Your Pet Food to Retain Its Flavor

Pet Food Storage
Pet food storage containers  come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to choose from. Whether you are looking for one with wheels, stackable bins or fancy decorative containers, you won’t have a hard time finding one. The question is, what type of container should you be using to store your dry or wet pet food? When it comes to safety and taste, there are some important issues to consider when storing any type of this food. Dog food, both wet and dry, may be subject to salmonella if not properly stored. This can lead to serious problems not only for the dog but for the owners as well. Salmonella is a food borne illness that can be transmitted to adults and children from dog food and treats. It’s important to know how to store the food properly for safety reasons. As well, some types of containers can change...
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Buying Dog Food Online

When it comes to buying dog food online, you need to make sure that you choose a reliable merchant which sells premium quality dog food at affordable prices. Not only that, there needs to be an expedited shipping option available in case it is an emergency and your dog needs to have their food supply replenished soon. With all of the e-commerce stores on the internet, it can be hard to decide which one to purchase dog food from. Below are the most popular websites on the internet for purchasing dog food. They all have their pros and cons to them but you will find they are far superior options than purchasing dog food at your local brick-and-mortar store at full retail prices. So what you have to do is compare the good qualities with the bad and then make your choice. Buying Dog Food Online With Amazon Most people...
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How To Potty Train A Puppy: The Complete Guide

how to potty train a puppy
One of the most dreaded tasks of puppy ownership is training.  Teaching a weeks-old puppy not to chew, how to play appropriately, how to sit nicely in a crate, and where the proper place to potty is enough to frustrate any new dog owner.  However, potty training does not have to result in unending frustration if approached properly.  Presented in the paragraphs below is an easy, straightforward, and effective guide on how to potty train a puppy. The length of the process, and the experiences gained or lacked by your puppy are both dependent on your consistency in following the potty training steps. If you follow a strict routine, provide plenty of positive praise, and are consistent, house training will not take more than two weeks in most instances.  However, if you become lackadaisical, potty training may take a month or more. Before beginning any training process, new owners should...
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Our Picks For The Best Chew Toys for Puppies

Best Chew Toys For Puppies
Your furry friend deserves the safest and best chew toys on the market. While there are many chewable toys to choose from, not all of them are safe and there are many that dogs simply do not like. When you are looking for the best chew toys for puppies, it’s important to find ones that won’t hurt your dog, will stimulate an interest and will be good for his teeth. Why Are Chewing Toys So Important? Puppy chewing toys aren’t a luxury for your dog; they are an absolute necessity. Not only do they help your little guy stay amused but they also help with training and teething. If you’ve ever had kids you know what a difficult time it is when a child is teething. It’s an unbearable constant nagging pain that simply doesn’t go away until the tooth erupts. Your dog is feeling the same type of pain...
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Dog Training: The Single Most Important Element

Most people like dogs and they are the most common non-human life companions. Kids fall in love with them watching Lassie and we all have that idea of what a perfect dog would be. We all know what we want, but only a small percentage of dog owners know how to achieve that. Dogs are rather progressive animals and their brain is quite complex, so it’s not really safe or clever to determine one single element in dog training as the single most important one, but there’s one element that is, in my opinion, so important we can select it as a foundation for everything else. That is CONSISTENCY. Dogs just as humans like things to be in order and to make training as effective as possible we have to make sure that the dog knows exactly when it’s time for training, when it’s time for playing and that “sit”...
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It does not matter the age of the dog; worms are common ailments for them all. Either you are referring to a purebred dog from a reputable breeder or a rescue pup fresh in from the shelter; any dog can be infected by worm-related ailments at some point in their lifetimes. Different parts of a dog’s body are attacked by several types of worms. Worms come in different forms and effects. Some pose no hazardous threat to health risks and are easy to deal with, while others are fatally dangerous to dog’s life. By learning about the five most rampant worms usually found in dogs, their symptoms as well as their treatment options, you can surely protect your pup by keeping her in good health. Just as applicable to all other health issues, it is mandatory to consult a professional veterinary doctor for diagnosis as treatment is only effective when...
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8 Tips To Help With Dog Shedding

Unwanted hair at homes is one of the biggest challenges that pet owners do face. It does not matter the breed or age, nearly every dog sheds. Virtually all dogs will shed hair, but of course, there are breeds that definitely have more hair and undercoat, and this will make them shed in larger quantities. It’s quite impossible to stop a dog from shedding hair in totality, but we can still help in reducing the quantity of hair loss, and also aid the effective removal of the hair so that it wouldn’t keep serving as a source of problem in our homes. Basically, animals shed in order to get rid of extra, damaged or old hair. In the winter, animals grow a thick coat which serve as a means of insulation for them, and then, shed the extra hair in the summer. Broken and damaged hair are also shed by...
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How To Stop Your Dog From Licking You

Dogs don’t just lick you for flimsy reasons, when they do; there are cogent reasons for the act. She’s probably doing this to communicate submission or express deep affection, as an indication that she respects you as her master. Licking you once in a while is not a problem, in fact, it can be so endearing. But it could get tiresome very quickly if she gets obsessive with licking you or your guests every now and then. Obsessive licking could often be a sign of high level of anxiety, and should be addressed not only for the sake of your dog, but for your own sake as well. Learning and mastering the techniques of curbing the tendency of your dog licking you may assist you in determining if it’s just an outpouring of affections, or signs of something more serious. So, here are some techniques that can be of great...
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