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Tips for Keeping your Dog Safe on Halloween



Did you know that Halloween is one of the most dangerous days for pets?  Every year, countless dogs are lost due to the commotion of trick-or-treaters, accidental chocolate poisoning, or even because of malicious intent.  Listed below are 6 tips for keeping your pet safe this Halloween.

Keep the candy out of reach.  Especially if your family does not keep candy in the house year round, it can be easy for pet owners to stock up on Halloween candy and forget to store it in a location that Fido can’t reach.  After the excitement of trick or treating, children may forget to store their candy in a safe place; or, may even be tempted to share their treats with furry best friends.  Educate your children on the importance of only feeding dogs appropriate food and treats, and be extra vigilant that your dog cannot access anything that may make him sick.

Utilize a crate or baby gate when trick-or-treaters arrive.  Even the calmest of dogs can find Halloween confusing and scary.  When trick-or-treaters begin to arrive, place your pet in a safe location, such as in a crate, behind a baby gate, or in a separate room.  Dogs are likely to bolt out an open door when they become frightened, or even attack children wearing costumes that they find scary.

Bring outdoor dogs inside.  If your dog normally stays outside, consider bringing him indoors for the few nights surrounding the holiday.  Every year, pets are victim to malice on Halloween night, including torture and mutilation.  When your dog is outside, it is important to keep a vigilant eye on your pet.

Use caution with pet Halloween costumes.  Not all dogs enjoy dressing up, and not all costumes are thoughtfully designed.  Before taking your pet anywhere, make sure your dog has no qualms about being covered, and that his vision and mobility are not impaired.  An uncomfortable pet can potentially be a dangerous one, so if your dog shows any signs of distress it is best to stick with a bandana or sweater instead.

Dogs and candles don’t mix.  A popular Halloween decoration is the ubiquitous Jack-O-Lantern lit up with a candle.  However, each year numerous dogs are brought into veterinary clinics due to bad burns brought about because the pet wanted to investigate the décor a little too closely.  Additionally, dogs are prone to knocking over these decorations, leading to house fires.

Double check your dog’s collar and tags.  The only situation worse than your dog getting loose on Halloween night is your dog getting loose on Halloween night without proper identification.  Even if your dog has a microchip, there is no guarantee that someone who finds your pet will think to check for one.  Make sure your information is up to date, and that the collar fits properly, lest your pet wriggles free.  Although accidents are not likely to occur, it is always better to be safe than sorry – especially on Halloween.

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