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Top Dog Food Delivery Subscription Services

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Signing up for a fresh dog food delivery system is quickly becoming popular for many people and their dogs in the United States. How many times have you forgot to pick up dog food and needed to run out? It has happen to all of us and it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient times! What is a Dog Food Delivery Subscription By signing up for a dog food delivery service, you are automatically sent your dog food set up on your schedule. Usually once per month. There should be no long term contracts so you can cancel at any time if you no longer want the service. Top 2 Dog Food Delivery Subscription Options There are many places to get dog food delivery services on a monthly bases. We are going to cover our top two choices. We will cover our pick for fresh made to order...
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Knowing When to Say Goodbye

knowing when to put your dog to sleep
One of the hardest parts of dog ownership is knowing when the time is right to say goodbye.  Whether a sudden illness or old age brings about the inevitable, there is no easy way to ensure you are ready to help your pet cross the rainbow bridge.  Unfortunately, one of the biggest regrets that many pet owners have is that they waited too long to euthanize (put to sleep) a sick or suffering animal.  Listed below are seven signs you should consider when making the difficult decision. Signs To Look For Here are some common signs to look for when it may be time to start the talking with your vet about end of life care. Refusing Food When animals lose interest in food, it is often their way of indicating their time on Earth is ending.  Lack of appetite for food or water is one of the first signs...
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Brilliant Dog Hacks for Every Owner

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If you have ever wished for a way to make dog ownership easier, you are not alone.  Here, we have compiled the best dog hacks and tips for owners available on the internet and social media. Baking Soda Dog Hacks Baking soda has many uses around the house, especially when it comes to removing odors.  Listed here are only some of the things you can do with baking soda! Cleaning Dog Bowls Food and water bowls develop a slimy buildup that can be harmful to pets when ingested.  However, if you do not own a dishwasher it might not always be feasible to wash bowls as often as is necessary.  To easily remove built-up gunk, soak the bowl in a mixture that contains 50% water and 50% vinegar, with a tablespoon of baking soda added.  Be careful not to overfill the bowl, as the baking soda can cause the solution...
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Giveaway and Review of WinPro Focus for Calming

FREE Winpro Giveaway at the Bottom of this review! Have you heard of WinPro? I’m assuming not. Today we are going to take a look at this company, test one of the products they offer and even give you a chance to get your hands on some for free! Before we get to the giveaway, I want to give you my honest review of the WinPro Focus for Calming soft dog chews. If you have followed us here on NewDogOwners.com, you probably know that Rosco is still a little overly affectionate, especially when we have guests. If not, read his story. You will find the giveaway at the end of my review below. So, What is WinPro’s History Winpro is a company founded by Bill Bernardo. Bill was raised in Northcentral Iowa where he grew up as a typical kid. The idea was planted in his head as a college kid...
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My Dog Won’t Eat – Is It The Food?

My dog won’t eat his dog food There are many reasons dogs may not be eating. Some can be from sickness within your pup or it can be they just don’t like the dog food you are feeding them. In todays post we are going to look at how you can help if your dog not eating due to stubbornness of not liking their food. However, if you believe there might be something else going on, a vet should examine your dog for medical issues. Some dogs are picky eaters, especially ones that get’s scraps from the kitchen table or by getting into the trash. Once they get the good stuff, it is hard to talk them into eating plain old dog food. I personally go through this with our dog Rosco. If you think about it, it’s like us humans going from fast food to vegetarian meals (nothing against...
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6 Common Mistakes New Dog Owners Make When House Training Their Puppies

how to potty train a puppy
It takes a considerable amount of time and energy to mold your pup into a balanced canine companion; no wonder some pet parents end up frustrated and confused when their dog becomes uncooperative. House training your puppy doesn’t have to be a grueling process though; it’s just a question of establishing a good routine built around your dog’s needs. Here are 6 mistakes you should avoid when house training your dog: Wrong feeding habits The first thing you should be aware of is that your pup’s digestive system gets stimulated whenever she eats, leading her to urinate within 15 minutes of eating, and defecate within half an hour of having their meal. Consequently, practices like over-feeding, observing unsuitable diets (like salty food) and not feeding your pup at regular times only make potty training harder. Punishing the puppy for its indoor accidents Puppies generally lack good bladder control; they need...
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10 Ways to Stop Your Dog from Barking

Dogs are man’s best friend; their loyalty and dedication are unmatched. Picture this, it’s 6 am on a cool Sunday morning, and your best friend is constantly barking for absolutely no reason. Not so cute anymore right? There are solutions to your problem, which will leave everyone happy. Mentally and physically occupy your dog Many times, excessive barking is a sign that your dog isn’t getting enough physical activity. The barking is a way for it to release this energy. The dog could also lack mental stimulation and is showing their distress through excessive barking. This can be remedied by taking your dog on a daily walk and giving him tasks that will use his mental and physical strength to complete. This exercise should help to release some of the pent-up energy and help to reduce the constant barking or encourage barking for the right reasons. We suggest interactive dog...
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Which Situations Does Your Pet Require Emergency Treatment?

As a new pet owner, you may be unfamiliar with which situations are medical emergencies requiring immediate treatment and which can wait until the following day.  Since emergency vet visits are expensive, it is important to know which situations are dire emergencies and which are not.  Discussed here are a handful of common problems a new pet owner may face. My Dog Is… Vomiting Vomiting in itself is not a cause for immediate concern.  If your dog is attempting to vomit but cannot produce anything in conjunction with having a very bloated stomach, you should seek immediate medical attention for your pet, as Bloat may be to blame.  However, if your dog is throwing up but acting normal otherwise and the vomit does not contain traces of blood, pet owners are advised to wait 24 hours to see if symptoms subside before scheduling an appointment. Has Diarrhea Dogs are prone...
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Benefits of Maintaining a Healthy Weight for Your Dog

Pet obesity is at an all-time high, with an estimated 53% of America’s dogs registering at least 20% overweight.  While many pet owners do not think much of their dog carrying a few extra pounds, the truth is that an animal’s quality of life, as well as its lifespan, decreases as weight increases.  Listed below are just a handful of benefits that maintaining a healthy weight for your dog can provide. Longer Lifespan An alarming study showed that obese dogs may live up to 3 year less than their littermates who maintained a healthy weight.  If no other reason compels an owner to keep their pet’s weight in check, this should be it! Fewer Health Problems Dogs that are overweight have a drastically increased risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, kidney and liver failure, arthritis, as well as certain types of cancer.  Dogs that maintain an appropriate weight are less...
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Apartment Living with Your Dog

Not all breeds are well-suited to living in small spaces.  Some dogs, such as Siberian Huskies or German Shorthaired Pointers, require room to roam and excessive exercise.  However, circumstances can change, leaving you with the options of rehoming your beloved dog or making a less-than-ideal situation work.  Listed below are tips for keeping the peace with your landlord and neighbors. Crate Training Especially if your dog is prone to destruction when bored, a crate can be your best bet for ensuring your dog is well-behaved while you are away.  A crated dog is also less likely to bark throughout the day, meaning no complaints from your neighbors when you return home. Extra Exercise A tired dog is a happy dog, so extra exercise for your pet is necessary if cohabiting with a high-energy breed in an apartment.  Go for an extra long walk in the morning and in the evening,...
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