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Apps For Dog Owners- Get Advanced And Let Your Pooch Be Safe, Healthy


Your dog is surely your most loyal and best friend and so you have to make sure that he gets all the attention and care that he deserves. As technology is getting advance day by day, now there are special apps for dog owners that can help them keep their pets active, safe, playful and healthy. These apps makes the tasks of the owners easier so whether it is daily reminder for walking or feeding, the apps provide the best of benefits for your pooch. Let’s take a look at the top apps for dog owners that have gained much popularity and demand in the market these days.

Dog Whistler

This is a free app that makes dog training easier as it has an in built dog whistle. You can easily change frequency of dog whistle and modify sound patterns. The best feature is that you can set alarm which is motion activated and which triggers the dog whistle. Thus once you know the frequency that is best suited for your dog training, just click motion activated alarm and it will trigger the dog whistle when required like when the pooch jumps on your sofa etc.


DoggyDatez is a kind of Foursquare for the pooch owners. The app is free for Android and iPhone users and lets you to mark the territory and get a spot, letting you to easily see who visits your territory. With this app, you can even steal territories from the other dog owners.


Do you have the pet that is prone to just exploring neighbourhood all by his own? Then this app is great as it works with GPS based device and you can put it in your pet’s collar. The app helps you to track your dog in case he wanders away.



This app is free for iPhone and using it, you can travel with much ease. It helps you to search for pet friendly accommodations and book the hotels in no time. Apart from letting you search the hotels by popularity, distance, price and ratings, this app also helps to let you know the pet policy of each hotel so that you can check all rules and there are no last minute issues at the time of travel.


This app keeps you as well as your dog healthy as it keeps a track of how long you walked, the route taken and when you last walked. You can even spice up the routes taken so as to keep your dog entertained during the walk.

Pet Phone

Pet Phone application helps you to track the health of your dog. You can easily keep track of the medications due, vet appointments, food preferences, allergies etc of your pet and this app can also be synced with your phone calendar so that you can get reminders with ease.

 Pet first aid

Raising the pets is real fun but it is even a responsibility that needs your special attention. Pet First Aid helps to take right steps so that your dog is okay soon.


If you are at work and want to know what your dog is doing at home, this app can become your ears and eyes as it works with your laptop/computer’s webcam and gives you live feed about your dog.

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