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Coping With Your Dog’s Death


Dogs are lovable creatures and owners most definitely build up a bond with them over time. However, dog owners face the most difficult time of their lives when their dog expires. While death is inevitable, there are a number of ways and methods through which owners can cope up with this irreplaceable loss. For all those grieving owners, here are a few tips you may consider:

Respect the Grieving Process:

Dog owners, upon the death of their dog, usually fail to understand that, like any other grieving interval, the death of the dog also has a grieving process. Experts recommend acknowledging this process and absorbing oneself into it. The first step is indeed acceptance. This means that denial won’t get you anywhere. Accepting that your dog has really expired, is really the first step little step that will lead you to eventual peace of mind!

Reach out to others who have pets:

While replacement of your own unique and special pet dog is near impossible, one way of coping with the death loss is via reaching out to other people who have pets as well. This will not only aid you accepting your loss, but also divert your energy and attention to another’s pet in a positive way. It will definitely make you feel better!

Create a Legacy:

Most dog owners are so fond of their dogs that they ensure that their dog remains a remembered name. There are numerous examples where dog owners have conducted memorials and built tombs in remembrance of their beloved dogs. This is a good idea. For one, it encapsulates your grieving into something solid and helps you in future times as a fond and cherished memory!

Finding something New:

Although most dog owners purchase a new buddy after the death of their previous pet, it is often suggested that owners must indulge themselves into something new and fresh. Why not carry out some other physical activity like running or exercising? Why not go for music? How about cooking? The core idea is to get some “away” time so that proper healing can take place.

Don’t Devalue the Loss in Any Way:

One of the cruel mistakes that a lot of dog owners make, or more so their friends and family make, is that they devalue their loss. Statements such as “it was just a dog” or “so what?” not only damage you from the inside, but also does not practically bring you any good. So instead of shunning away the grievance and sadness; embrace it and become whole again, in your own due time!

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