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6 Reasons to be a Foster Parent to a Homeless Dog



Whether you are a current dog owner or are looking to become one, fostering is a great choice with numerous benefits.  A foster parent is responsible for housing a pet for a shelter or animal rescue until a suitable “furever” home can be found.  The advantages of fostering are listed below.

See Whether a Dog is Right for You
Are you unsure whether you can handle the responsibilities of pet ownership?  Fostering a pet can help you better understand if you are ready for purchasing or adopting a pet of your own.  If you ultimately realize that you are not ready for the full time commitment associated with a pet, you can rest assured that fostering is a short-term commitment.

Socialize your Current Pets
If you are considering bringing home a new dog but already have pets and are unsure how they will react, fostering is a great way to test the waters.  You will be able to observe how your pets react while also providing a temporary playmate if the introduction goes well.  If not, baby gates and the “crate and rotate” method can be used until a new foster home is found.

If you have a busy schedule that won’t allow full-time pet ownership, fostering provides the flexibility necessary for strict schedules.  Rescues will work with the availability of their volunteers to ensure as many pets can be placed in temporary care as possible.  In addition, if you have a preference, such as only caring for puppies, seniors, small, or large dogs, rescues and shelters can work with your requests.

No Cost Involved
Fostering is also great for people who would like the benefits of owning a dog but can’t afford it due to budget constraints.  The shelter or rescue will supply food, medical care, and any supplies that are needed.  In addition, the foster parent will not be required to provide any transportation for the pet, either.

Save a Life
The most important benefit of fostering is that lives are saved.  Dogs that are in need of foster are typically ones that cannot thrive in a shelter setting.  When a foster home is not found, the dog’s chances of survival greatly diminish.  Even if the animal is part of a no-kill facility, foster parents play a crucial role in helping the rescue or shelter save as many homeless animals as possible.

Unconditional Love
Animals have a unique way of knowing they are being saved.  If your foster dog came from a shelter or had a difficult life prior to entering your home, the new animal will show it’s gratitude with love.  For this reason, fostering is great for people who are going through a tough time, such as the loss of a loved one or pet.  Frequently, people become “foster fails” for this reason and end up adopting their temporary family member.  Ultimately, canine foster parents are badly needed in many areas, and are one of the easiest ways to save the life of a pet!

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