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The Perfect Liver Cake Recipe for Your Dog


liver cake recipe for dogsAround the world people are starting to think about eating healthier diets. It was only so long before people started to think about their pet’s diets too. Liver cake for your dog is a great option when looking to have your dog eat healthy. Your dog will absolutely love it especially since dogs have an affinity for liver. Because dogs love liver it also comes in handy as a treat when looking to train your dog. It should be noted though that dogs stomachs cannot handle liver by itself.

Now that we have waved the benefits of live cake for dogs in your face you are probably wondering how do you make it? You may also be wondering what kind of liver to get. Well pay attention and we will help answer some of your questions. A word of warning before undergoing the project of baking liver cakes for your dog, they tend to smell so if you can open a window to ventilate your workspace your nose will appreciate it while working and once you are done with your project.

Liver Cake Recipe Ingredients
• 2.2 pounds of liver (this can be lamb liver, pig liver, or ox liver)
• 4 eggs
• 1 3/4 cups of flour
• Splash of Milk

You will also need a blender, a bowl, a measuring tool, a cooking tray, aluminum foil, and a fork.

1) Start with cracking two of the eggs into a mixing bowl then follow them with half the liver and a splash of milk. Once all of the ingredients have been added to the bowl blend them until it looks like a smoothie.

2) Next you are going to add .875 cups of flour to the mixture. In other words estimate half of the flour and ump it into the mixing bowl. Instead of using the blender use a fork to mix the flour into the mixture. You are going to want to get a thick and stick goo. If it isn’t thick enough that is the sign that you need to add more flour.

3) Empty the mixture onto a tray covered in aluminum foil. Then repeat the first two steps of the process to produce the second half of the mixture. Once the second half of the liver cake mixture is complete add it to the tray too. You are going to want it to look level and even like a pan of brownies.

4) Bake at 180 degrees for around 1hour to an hour and a half. The cake should come out looking similar to brownies with a lighter coloring.

5) Cut the cake into individual treats for your dog. It is much easier to do this when it is still warm as opposed to when it solidifies.

There you go, you have new treats for your dog that you made at home. Your dog is going to love you for it. It should also be noted that if you prepare these treats in a smaller container they can also be heated in the microwave on full heat for about 6-10 minutes.

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