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How To Stop Your Dog From Licking You


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Dogs don’t just lick you for flimsy reasons, when they do; there are cogent reasons for the act. She’s probably doing this to communicate submission or express deep affection, as an indication that she respects you as her master. Licking you once in a while is not a problem, in fact, it can be so endearing. But it could get tiresome very quickly if she gets obsessive with licking you or your guests every now and then. Obsessive licking could often be a sign of high level of anxiety, and should be addressed not only for the sake of your dog, but for your own sake as well.

Learning and mastering the techniques of curbing the tendency of your dog licking you may assist you in determining if it’s just an outpouring of affections, or signs of something more serious.

So, here are some techniques that can be of great help to you in your quest of stopping your dog from licking you excessively.

  1. Ignore your dog’s licking

If your dog licks your skin for affection or attention, this obsessive behavior can be curbed by removing that reward.

  • You don’t have to scold your dog. Because in her mind, even a negative reaction is still a positive reaction to her excessive licking behavior.
  • Whenever your dog engages in prolonged licking, try to stop whatever you are doing and leave the room, rather than scolding her. Through this, it will be reinforced in her mind that licking is not a game that you are in for, which will consequently not yield her desired outcomes.
  1. Use Citrus-scented skin products

On a general ground, most dogs are repulsed by the taste and smell of citrus, even though there are few exceptions. However, you can keep your dog away from licking your skin by making use of citrus-scented skin care products, or applying citrus rind to your skin in light striking manner.

  1. Keep your dog occupied with toys

Undesirable behaviors can be curbed when your dog is busy burning out energies. So, keeping her occupied with varieties of toys, including treat-dispensing toys that challenges her mind may help her let go of negative attitude of excessive licking.

  1. Change your soap or lotion

When we move closer to some people in our lives, we tend to have special attractions to them due to the pleasing fragrances of the cologne they wear. This also happens to dogs, it’s of a very high possibility that your dog’s licking behavior is as a result of a scent or taste she finds pleasing in you. Hence, you can try to use soaps and lotions that are unscented, and study closely if her licking behavior declines.

  1. Consider medicating your dog

You may decide on talking to your veterinarian about medication as an option for your dog if her licking is part of a larger separation anxiety.

  • Fluoxetine

This is a common medication prescribed to dogs with anxiety. This medication helps in treating canine compulsive disorder, with just a few side effects.

  • Clomipramine

This is yet another common medication that is often prescribed to dogs with anxiety and obsessive compulsive tendencies. By using this medic for your drug, obsessive compulsive behavior like licking will be counteracted.

There is more to be said on this topic and we will be adding it soon.

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