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Indestructible Dog Toys: Man’s Real Best Friend


Dogs of all sizes can rip apart dog toys, but our two large breed dogs are especially voracious when it comes to digging into a toy. Before we discovered sturdier toys, we were replacing their stuffed animals every week. On one occasion, we bought our older dog a stuffed squirrel, sent her outside with it, and in less than hour, she had all of the limbs ripped off and the stuffing scattered around the backyard.

It was then that we began our question for an indestructible dog toy. Here are some of the brands we found and now love!


If you have a dog who’s an avid chewer, you know that you need something that can survive being chewed, shook, thrown, whacked, and clawed. Kong has an entire line of rubber toys designed to withstand even the most enthusiastic dog. They even have a wide variety of designs and materials, allowing you to stuff them with treats, clean your dog’s teeth, or even provide something durable yet soft for an elderly dog. There are bones, balls, and even teething rings to help puppies not only relieve the pain of incoming teeth, but also learn the difference between your expensive leather loafers and his toys.


This brand’s name reflects the nature of their toys. They have a wide variety of toys, from balls and rubber bones, the plush toys, made from the same material luggage is made from, and triple sown to give even the most voracious chewer a challenge. They also have a line of long-lasting treats, to clean the teeth and give your dog something tasty to chew on. We have two of the luggage-material plush toys, and have had them for about six months. Our oldest dog almost has one ear chewed off of the rabbit-shaped one—that’s how tough they are.

West Paw Design

These dog lovers have a line of dog toys, made from non-toxic plastic, which vary from chew toys to Frisbees and tug-o-war toys. You know they have to be tough, having been designed by pit bull owners. Like Kong, they have a few toy you can even stuff treats into, giving your dog an activity to do besides simply tearing the toy apart.


Tuffy is the original inventor of the luggage-material toys, and has an amazing range of shapes and sizes. Whether you have a little terrier who loves to rip things apart, or a great dane who easily destroys any toy, Tuffy’s plush animals are perfect. Most of the animals have squeakers, but you can also find squeaker-less balls and bones made out of the same materials, designed for throwing and interactive play.


Before we discovered the indestructible plush toys, we had a number of ropes from Zanies for our dogs. They are great for interactive play, and had enough surface area for both of our dogs to latch onto. The texture is even great for cleaning teeth, and it took a considerable amount of time before they were chewed to bits.

Image: www.kongcompany.com

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