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Hip Dysplasia Treatment Options


Hip dysplasia is very painful in dogs and it is thus heartbreaking for the dog owners to see their pet suffering. The problem is so severe that the canine will struggle hard to do his normal day to day activities and the pain gets so serious that it can change the temperament of the dog. Also, your pet friend will not wish to play or indulge in any type of exercise or games. But you need not worry much as there are many treatment options available for curing hip dysplasia in dogs.


Medical therapies

Weight management is the best way to stop the problem faced by the canine due to extra weight on his body. The medical or surgical procedures will surely be more successful when the dog is not overweight or obese. So you need to keep a check on what your pet eats. Also, exercising is equally crucial when it comes to maintaining weight. Exercise with good range of muscle building and motion is the best. You can also let your dog do low impact exercises like walking on the treadmill, leash walking or swimming.

Further keeping the pet in warm environment helps to control pain to a great extent.  Just like in humans, arthritic pain tends to get worse in cold and damp times. Thus providing warm and well padded bed will help to alleviate some pain. You can also opt for egg crate foam beds. Even applying some heat like from heating pads etc. may help a lot to relieve the pain felt due to hip dysplasia.

In fact, physical therapy can help a lot to reduce the pain that your dog feels and increase overall mobility. From hydrotherapy to massage, use of the underwater treadmills etc, physical therapy can prove to be a superb option when done correctly. But before starting the same, ask your vet about your dog’s capacity and limitations.

Surgical treatments

Apart from the above mentioned medical therapies, there are various surgical treatment options to cure hip dysplasia as well. Let’s take a look:

  1. TPO or triple pelvic osteotomy can be used for the pups that are less than 2 years without arthritis. This kind of a surgery repositions acetabular socket and creates tight fit for femur head.
  2. DARthroplasty is another method that creates deep socket for femur to actually rest in through building up acetabular rim with the bone from other areas.
  3. THR or what is called as total hip replacement is great for the dogs that have developed very painful arthritis. The femur head and acetabulum are replaced in this case. This type of a surgery is more complicated than others and 10 of the dog patients face any complications.
  4. FHO or femoral head ostectomy is the perfect surgery for dogs but for the ones who are below 50 pounds of weight. Head of femur is removed completely and so the area gets filled up in the tissue so as to create some sort of a false joint. As there is no bone contact any longer, there is no arthritic pain as well.

But this is not the comprehensive list of treatment options for hip dysplasia in dogs. There are various other treatments and procedures as well. Thus, your vet will be the best person to determine what is right for your dog who has hip dysplasia.

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