Rosco being lazy

Invisible Fence Batteries are the only the main thing keeping your dog in your yard which most people forget to change. It is important to change them on a regular basis. The company suggests replacing them every 3 months or 4 times a year. While your dog is learning the boundaries, you may want to change the Invisible Fence Batteries more as the collar is working harder until your dog learns where they can go.

Invisible Fencing offers a wide variety of collars for the particular system you need. They offer 6 Volt replacement Twin packs that are compatible with the Sport Dog No Bark Collar. They also offer Power Cap plans that provide the option of having them sent to you automatically. The problem with this is that buying Invisible Fence Batteries from the manufacture is pretty expensive. You can find better deals like these HERE and the more you buy a once, the cheaper they are. It is a good idea to buy bulk to save on shipping as well.

Photo: Our boy sleeping and airing them out lol

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Rosco didnt do it
Rosco eating snow

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