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Dog Seat Belt Review- Solvit Canine Safety Harness


Imagine this scenario- you let your dog get into the front seat of your car unrestrained, and head on out. On your way to your destination, you get into an accident. This is where things start to get tricky- depending on the severity of your accident, any number of things could happen. In the best case scenario, nothing happens, and you and your pet are totally fine. Worst case scenario, your pet could become loose on a major highway, become severely injured, or worse be killed. When driving your dog anywhere, you need to be prepared for any scenario as you never know what could happen, and having an unrestrained dog is not safe for you and your pet.

Pet Vehicle Safety Harness 62295First and foremost, your pet should always be in the back seat. Just like with small children, the front seat is the most dangerous place for your dog to be. There are two reasons for this- the first reason is because if the air bag were to go off it could potentially injure or kill your dog. The second reason is the windshield. Although your dog could still get hurt if they were to hit the back of the front seat, if they were to hit the windshield with any amount of force can be extremely fatal.

Now you may be wondering- what is the best way to prevent injuries to yourself and your dog in the case of a crash? This is where the dog seat belt comes into play.

The Solivit dog harness is the perfect solution for keeping your pet safe in the car, and is one of the best products on the market in pet restraint. The outer front of the harness is sturdy, nylon material and the inside front has soft shearling style padding for comfort. The straps around the dogs shoulder blades has a sturdy metal ring to attach to the most important part of the whole harness which is the seatbelt strap. The first part that clips to the harness itself is your typical clip like you would find on a leash. The end of the strap has a carabineer like clip that you clip onto a buckled in seatbelt. The carabineer has a screw on it that you tighten so it cannot come loose in the case of an accident. This feature is the best part, because there is no chance of the carabineer accidentally coming unclipped.

If you have a dog and plan on spending any time in a car with them, then this is a product that you must own. This is not just for your pets’ safety, but for your own safety as well. Although some dogs may sit perfectly fine and not go anywhere, some get agitated in the car and will bounce from the front to the back seat which is a distraction and a hazard for you as the driver. This also causes a hazard because your pet could also jump in your lap while you are driving, causing you to lose control of your car. We wear seatbelts to keep us safe, so why should our pets be any different?
Message to buyer:

I wanted to make sure you found the correct harness because there are 2 different models, so here is the link to the specific harness. I have tried the small, medium and large size HERE.

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