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Whether inside or out, dog proof gates are often a necessity for many dog owners. Outside gates ensure that an owner’s dog does not escape, while inside gates keep dogs away from mischief. Below are a few tips to help dog owners find, purchase, and install the perfect dog proof gate. To get you started, check out what Amazon has to offer here with the following tips in mind.

Tip #1- Measure twice, read thrice, buy once. Every gate has different dimensions. Not only are some higher than others, but some are capable (or incapable) of expanding to be seamlessly installed into current gate setups or hallways. Be sure to read the gate’s description and measurements to ensure that the dog is not able to squeeze between the design and/or jump over the gate. Also make sure that the gate is scratch resistant if being installed inside the home, as one does not want to remove a gate and find their wall scratched and in need of repair.

dog proof gateTip #2- Compare, compare, compare. Not every gate is the same, or even close to the same. Companies use different materials when producing dog proof gates to either lower their product’s cost or increase their product’s reliability. For those on a budget with smaller, more behaved dogs, indoor gates made of plastic may be the solution. For outdoor gates, however, it is worth to spend a little more to find a design that matches the current fence and is durable.

Tip #3- Dog proof the fence, not just the gate. A dog proof gate should be the finishing touch. To dog proof one’s fence, be sure that it is high enough for the dog to not jump over. Also, some dogs are able to climb. It may be worth to invest in coyote rollers to prevent the dog from climbing over and out of the fence. Additionally, be sure that the fence is sturdy and does not have any holes/cracks big enough for the dog to escape through. Take added security measures around the gate. If the particular dog the fence is keeping in likes to dig, be sure to incest in a concrete footer or an l-footer. With any outdoor fence, be sure to monitor the dog (without the dog knowing) for a few hours before leaving him or her alone. This will ensure that the final fence setup truly is dog proof.

Tip #4- Read reviews, both bad and good. Any dog proof gate, whether for use inside or out, should have mostly positive reviews on Amazon, other online sales pages, and third party blogs. Video reviews are perhaps the best, as they show the gate in action. A good rule of thumb is to stay away from newer, unproven models and stick with what works. Keep in mind that cheaper models are more likely to have more reviews, however, so expensive models will require more searching to find reviews.

Tip #5- Don’t limit yourself to online shopping. Both general and specialty stores should carry dog proof gates. Buying locally saves money, as there are no shipping fees. Try calling the store before you take a long drive, however.

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