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Dog Click-It Sticks Review


Dog Click-it-SticksWhether you are a dog trainer or simply owned by your pooch, target training is probably one of the very first things you would teach your canine. Nearly every professional animal trainer, whether they are teaching dolphins or Yorkies, understands the importance and convenience of targets. A target is simply an item that you ask your dog to touch with his nose. It typically only takes minutes for any dog to learn this behavior, and it can turn into teaching a service dog to turn on a light for his disabled handler or in teaching a dog to heel for an upcoming obedience competition. Target training is typically done with a stick, or your hand. The downside to both is that you are fumbling with your clicker, treat back, leash, and target all at once. This can cause a delay in rewarding your dog for performing the behavior you have asked him, leading to frustration for you both. The Click-It Sticks, offered through the Clicker Company, may just be exactly what the dog lovers’ community has always needed. You may also find other brands through Amazon here with good ratings.

Convenience Matters

When it comes to training a dog, convenience is valuable. You want to be able to quickly click your clicker the moment your dog does the exact behavior you are asking from him. That clicker is a bridge to mark the right behavior and also to let him know he is about to be rewarded.

The Click-It Sticks cut down on your fumbling by providing both a target and a clicker in one. The handle holds the clicker while a metal rod extends out with a plastic ball on the tip, providing the target for your canine friend to touch his nose onto.

Without such a well designed device training can be messy. Imagine your are training a dog to walk nice on leash through the use of target training. You have the end of a leash in one hand, a clicker in the other and your treat bag attached to your hip. Your may also be using a flat palm as the target for your dog to get into position. How are you juggling all these items? Even the best trainers only have 2 hands!

Less Fumble, More Learning

clicker stick trainingThose starting out in clicker training may find this tool more useful than the more seasoned or professional trainer. However, even trainers that have been in their trade for years will find this tool a great help in many aspects of training, especially advanced obedience but also in agility and eve therapy dog training.

The beginner trainer, or one who has never trained using a clicker, can learn with their dog with the help of the Click-It Stick.. Years ago, we had to learn how to time the dog’s behavior to the sound of the click and timing of providing the treat. If you start out with one of these products you will quickly be able to learn how to charge a clicker and integrate targeting into more complex behaviors, even coming when called!

The advanced trainer may find the use of a Click-It Stick to be fun, refreshing and quite easy! It minimizes the stress of your timing the click and positioning the target so that you can focus on the dog’s learning instead of balancing your items. With your ability to better focus and not worry of fumbling tools, your dog will also be able to focus better and learn quicker.

Target, Click, Treat

In combination with a hands free leash, a Click-It Stick can make each training experience full of fun, progress and reliable behaviors. As you have fun, your dog will also enjoy himself and the training will last a lifetime instead of just when you have a reward handy. The training process is what creates the lasting effect of a dog’s behavior. The more positive it is, the more reliable the behavior is. Using this fun tool will create that positive experience and you will get the results you have always wanted. Happy clicking!

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