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Are you looking for the best dog bed for your precious partner? Coolaroo makes some of the best dog beds available today. They are innovatively designed to make your dog more comfortable. Best of all they are designed to last. All Coolaroo dog beds are lifted off the ground to allow the air to blow underneath your dog and to get them off the cold or hot floor.

Because of the special fabric combination that Coolaroo uses for their covers it is breathable and eliminates hot spots. That means that your dog is cool even during the hottest of weather. The fabric is even flea and mite resistant so that your dog won’t spread any bugs to the bed and vice versa. Additionally, it is mold and mildew resistant so that you can leave it out on a covered porch. The bed itself is weatherproof but not waterproof so don’t expose it to any unnecessary water.

Dogs come in different sizes so do Coolaroo beds. The largest bed is 31.5 inches by 51 inches and hangs about 8 inches off the ground. This bed is best for large breed dogs like German Shepards and Golden Retrievers. The maximum a large bed can hold is 100 pounds. A medium sized bed from Coolaroo is 25.5 inches by 42 inches. The medium bed can hold dogs up to 75 pounds and is great for breeds like Beagle, Border Collie, and Cocker Spaniels. For smaller dogs there is a small bed that is 22.75 inches by 34.75 inches. Jack Russells, Maltese, and other medium sized dogs that weigh under 50 pounds will find this bed comfortable.

Four different colors of dog beds can be found from Coolaro. This includes a grey bed, Nutmeg bed, Terracotta bed, and Brunswick Green bed. If for some reason your durable Coolaroo cover is somehow damaged you can buy replacement covers without having to purchase a whole new bed cover. This can save you a lot of money if your dog decides it is a great idea to bite the bed.

Dogs get messy and so do their beds. Coolaroo dog beds can be cleaned very easily with little work. If there is particles like sand or dirt on the dog bed you can vacuum it off with your standard household vacuum. If mud or anything else sticky gets on the bed you can simply hose off the bed, allow the bed to air dry. Do not attempt to wash or machine dry your Coolaroo dog bed, even at a dry cleaner. Bleaching and ironing your dog bed can also ruin it.

All things break and we hate when that happens. Almost every company uses a standard one year warranty, instead Coolaroo offers a five year limited warranty that will cover your dog bed from any kind of manufacturer defect. The warrant does not cover any normal wear and tear due to regular usage. It also doesn’t cover if your dog bits or scratches the cover.

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