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5 People Foods That Are Healthy For Your Dog


We all know that sharing food from our plates can create unwanted begging from our dogs, but there are some foods that you may want to include in your pup’s daily diet. Some people foods can provide a highly nutritious snacks that your dog may not even get from his kibble or canned meals!

dogd snd blueberriesPhoto Credit: HerDogBlog

Blueberries For Dogs

In muffins, cereals, and pies blueberries complete delicious meals for us humans. Dogs can benefit from the high antioxidant content from the yummy berry as well! If your dog has an adventurous palate, give him a raw blueberry by itself as a treat, or mix a few in with his daily meals. Here is a good article on blueberries and dogs by HerDogBlog.

Bananas For Dogs

It is common knowledge that bananas are high in potassium and are wonderful for muscle health, but they also can help to stimulate healthy bacteria growth in the gut. This makes them an ideal prebiotic for both humans and dogs! Next time your peel a banana, toss your dog a bite, too!

Pumpkin For Dogs

While we enjoy our pumpkin pies, your dog can enjoy his own pumpkin treat. Not only does pumpkin add some much needed fiber to any dog’s diet, it taste like doggy candy! You can stuff a Kong toy full of a pumpkin and yogurt mixture and watch your pup go nuts for it! Just make sure you use plain canned pumpkin with no spices added!

Beef Liver for Dogs

In all honesty, dogs don’t need produce to survive. As their wild ancestors feasted only on other animals, the majority of their nutrition came from organ meats. If you enjoy fried beef liver yourself, you can spare a few bites of the raw meat for your pooch to give him a healthy, natural boost of vitamins. This kind of food is what your dog was created to eat! Here is a dogs and milk.

Goat Milk for Dogs

Tasty and packed full of beneficial nutrients, goat milk can be given to puppies as young as 4 weeks of age! Unlike cow milk, goat milk does not have the indigestible lactose globules that give pets and yourself a tummy ache. If you have a senior dog that has difficulty keeping on weight, give him a bit of goat milk for extra nutrients. Dogs can’t resist it! Here is my article on dogs and milk.

Food for Dogs

The next time you are told that dogs can’t have people food, you will know better and be able to say why! Stop hogging all the nutrient dense, delicious foods to yourself and share some with your furry best friend!

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